PSA : Danier Blouse Aussie Version

Hi Ladies,

You may recall that both ElizabethP and Shannon have this awesomely gorgeous blouse/tunic from Danier  (sorry couldn't post pics, but here is Elizabeth's K/R post):

Well just by chance, I came across this yesterday in one of our Australian fashion retailers.  It is a little different and the pattern is more horizontal than diagonal.  Just thought I would share.  It's a  sale item down from $100 to $29.00

The very lovely ElizabethP got me the Danier one but we are still waiting for it's arrival.  I did snap this Aussie one up this morning (it's returnable) just in case the post let's me down.

Have a great day all.

xxx Deborah


Interview Outfit.. for tomorrow!

Hi Ladies,

Here are a few of options for my interview tomorrow. Would really appreciate your help.

I am aiming at a little more conservative and classic but I don't want to dress completely different to how I normally do as that just doesn't feel like the right thing to do.

Keep in mind it is still warm here, so my options would be much better if it were cold.

#1 Metalicus drape dress, block heel sandals and white cropped jacket.
(I could wear the dress on it's own with a nice necklace??)

#2 Black Slouch pants, with black draped top and white jacket

#3 Black Slouch Pants with white draped top and white jacket

#4 Black Slouch pants with white silk blouse and white jacket - this is a recent WIW and I would unroll the pants and wear my block heels.

My personal dress code for interviews is to always wear a blazer / jacket.  This work place is very casual but I still think I should wear one.  I do have a soft navy blazer but due to my weight loss it's looking just a bit too oversized to be 'smart' enough.

Please note everything needs a good press and has been put on rather haphazardly for the photos.  I would take more care tomorrow.

It's Sunday afternoon here and my interview is at 1.00 p.m. tomorrow.  Need to be organised before I head for bed tonight.

Would appreciate your opinions.
Thanks so much
xxx Deborah


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WIW : Patterned Pants!

Happy Sunday!

Worn to church this morning and despite being Autumn it's still quite summery:)

This pants were an impulse buy some time back.  Black and white, heavily reduced and seemed like a good idea at the time lol.

So this is only the second time I have worn them.  They look a lot like a pair that Joy has and that did inspire me to give them more opportunities for wear.  I have to be honest and admit that I don't LOVE  them the way I love almost everything else in my closet BUT that is ok.  It's actually nice to have a couple of things in said closet for those days when you just want something a little different to your norm.  As it cools down, I am thinking my white jacket could be a good topper for these pants.

What say you?  Am I straying too far from my style persona, or could these be a good item for what could be a smart casual work capsule, in the event that I get a new job?

Thanks for looking and I appreciate your thoughts and comments.

xxx Deborah

P.S.  my job interview is tomorrow..I am quite excited.


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WIW : New Metalicus;)

Hi Lovely Ladies!

I am heading to Melbourne today (I should be packing my overnight bag) to have lunch with one girlfriend and stay overnight with another.  My overnight hostess is a very dear friend and we have not seen one another for nearly 6 months which is not good.  I am anticipating a lovely dinner at home (she is a great cook) and a lazy evening together followed by some good catch up time in the morning.

Today I am wearing:

Cropped Ruched Pants : Rockmans
Draped Asymetric Tunic: Metalicus
Block Heeled Sandals : Rubi

I bought the Tunic over the summer holidays and this is only its second outing.  It is very sheer so I do have to wear something under it.  It's is beautifully soft and like most of their garments, it is one size fits all.
Previously I have worn it over a midi length black tube skirt to create a nice long column and I am expecting to do lots of layering with it over the cooler months.

Thanks for looking, and your thoughts, suggestions, critiques all much appreciated.

Happy Friday everyone!
xxx Deborah


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WIW : Mostly Metalicus!

Hi Ladies,

Trying to get back into the habit of outfit pics:)

Nothing exciting but decided to go with comfortable layers today and flat sandals as I was on my feet and out of the office most of the morning.

Outfit is mostly Metalicus:)  One of the lovely things about Metalicus is that it all works together so beautifully.  I am avoiding their new arrivals at the moment lol!!

Cashmere blend dress with high low hem : Metalicus
Wool vest/wrap : Metalicus
Leggings : cannot recall
Sandals : Django & Juliette
Bee Necklace : Jenna Clifford

Comments, thoughts and suggestions all very welcome.

xxx Deborah


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Boot Weather?

Hi Ladies,

Just wondering what temperature it has to be before you start wearing your boots (ankle and knee high)?

Our temps have cooled but it's still warm:)  Today is 28 degrees celcious and as I am scrolling through Pinterest for some ideas on how to style a new white (yes I said white) dress, pairing it with bare legs and boots is looking very appealing.  I just don't like the idea of looking seasonally confused:)

xxx Deborah

#1 is the dress, but I bought it in white.  It is tencel and quite lovely.  Of course I want to style it with blacks and greys:)


Zara Long Jacket??

Hi Ladies,

Need you eagle eyes!  But first please excuse my tired, no makeup look :)  Really only Master 12 and DH see me like this lol.  You guys are like family;)

I have had this Zara jacket for a while.  It is 90% wool and 10% nylon and kind of feels like linen. I have always loved this style of long jacket but for quite some time my hips tend to be too wide for this cut.  Since January I have lost 7kg (and almost 2 inches of my hips) so tonight I thought I would roughly style the jacket and see if it might work.

This is very roughly styled.  Excuse the scunched (ok shoved up sleeves in #3)  I am petite so my concerns are is it too long? and do I look too "hip-y" in it? Of course if you could check the shoulder fit too that would be great.   I am not so bothered if the jacket is 'on trend' or not:)

So what do you think.  Could it work?  

Thanks for taking a look:)
xxx Deborah


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WIW : On Leave

Hi Lovely Ladies,

If you have read my recent OT post then you know I am having a little time off work :)  Haven't felt a lot like photographing outfits but decided I should get back into it today :)

Met up with a very lovely friend today for lunch and as we are now officially in Autumn, (I wave summer off with glee) and our temps are in the low 20's, I was quite excited to get my leggings out :)  I did have to stop myself from wearing boots as it's really not THAT cool yet though lol.

Nothing new, except for maybe the sleeveless jacket which I may not have posted before (it's not new though).

Outfit is:
Jersery black leggings (cannot recall where from)
Metalicus cashmere sleeveless tunic/dress
Wishstone Sleeveless Textured Jacket
Django & Juliette Sandals
Jenna Clifford Bee necklace worn shorter than usual

Very typical outfit for me I know, but I did feel good and comfortable in it. There is a lot to be said for a FFB formula:)  This tunic / dress has been worn a lot over the summer.  Often just with bare legs and sandals.  It's been a great purchase and will transition nicely into Autumn / Winter with the right layering.

Thanks for looking and as always I appreciate your comments, suggestions, critique etc.

And thank you for always being such a beautiful and supportive group of women.

xxx Deborah


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