My Essential Eight! Wanna Play??

Hi Ladies,

You know those lists that appear frequently in magazines and on blogs that outline the must have 10 items that every fashionable woman should have in her wardrobe?   Well I confess to thinking they are a little silly as they generally make the assumption that we all have the same style and the same lifestyle.

So after perusing Ines' list in Parisian Chic, I have created my own list ... for me:)  I am not suggesting in any way that this would be / should be anyone else's must haves.

These are the items that I feel are the foundations of my wardrobe so to speak.  Should one of them be removed, my style would collapse around me ;)
BTW this is not really season appropriate, that was just too hard.  But for summer, for example I would swap out leggings for skinny pants.  

My Essential Eight  Ta da!!!

  • The Black Blazer
    Ines and I agree on this one.  My blazer is a little less classic, has a draped lapel and is a knit.
  • The Little Black Dress
    Again, Ines and I agree.  Soft jersey and trademark draping.
  • The Skinny Jeans
    Black, with a little room to move.
  • The White Tshirt
    Draped, jersey - perfect for layering
  • The Ponte Leggings
    A winter staple.
  • The Tunic
    Soft cashmere blend, wear over leggings or jeans
  • The Ankle Boot
    Goes with everything!
  • The Leather Jacket
    For work and play.
If you feel like playing, I would love to know what your list would be.  Doesn't have to be 8 or even 10.  Just list the items that you think set the tone or foundation for your style - your must have items to ensure your own fabulous style - , and add pics if you can :)

xxx Deborah

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  • goldenpig replied 9 years ago

    I'll play! How fun! I've been wearing these items a lot lately, and would consider them essential to my style. This would actually make a nice little capsule, and I'm never good at capsules...Funny that most of the pieces are casual! I'll call it Edgy MOTG.
    1. Arty poncho
    2. Moto leggings
    3. Edgy sandals
    4. Moto booties
    5. Plaid silk shirt
    6. Lace pencil skirt
    7. Pajama jeans
    8. Asymmetric cardigan
    9. Striped T-shirt
    10. Edgy watch

  • Dimity replied 9 years ago

    Ooh! Fun. My list is different to yours of course.

    1. Boyfriend jeans
    2. Straight leg white jeans
    3. Cotton tunic tops
    4. White shorts
    5. Boyfriend cardigan in grey
    6. Poloneck, round neck and V neck jumpers (sweaters) that are oversized
    7. Wide leg pants both full length and just above ankle
    8. Pointy toe flats in white, black and tan
    9. Oxfords for winter
    10. Little straight skirts in all fabrications, from denim to wool
    It's fun to realise that my clothes almost entirely fit into the above categories. I have a few smaller jumpers to go with the wide leg trousers, and a few shirts, but that's about it for me!

  • shipskitty replied 9 years ago

    Oooh...I'll play:

    • The ink or navy blazer - single button, structured, fitted to the waist. Preferably with a fun patterened lining for display when sleeves are rolled up.
    • The ink or navy fitted dress - with a scoop or v-neck and some artfully located ruching around the tum ;) 
    • The bootcut jean.
    • The navy/ink & white breton top.
    • The navy/ink fitted t-shirt equivalent with a cowl,scoop or v-neck.
    • Denim pencil skirt.
    • Moto jacket in an interesting texture.
    • Blue or black pump (texture or patent 2.5 inch heel max)
    • The silver statement necklace.

    I was tempted to add just 8 silver statement necklaces instead of the above...

    I also think I would want to add booties or ballet flats to give some more variety...

  • lyn67 replied 9 years ago

    For fall/winter

    1. The tube skirt (uni or stripe)

    2. Pencils (of wool, mixmedia, denim, cords and knits-uni, or all sorts of abstract prints)

    3. Black toppers(blazers, cardigans and coats of all kinds)

    4. Knitted top(all sorts)

    5. Black boots (long, midcalf, booties).

    6. Black opaques.

    7. Statement scarf.

    Forspring/ summer

    1. The white jean pencil.

    2. The white BF jeans.

    3. BF chino pants (esp navy)

    4. Summer day dresses (jersey or linen)

    5. Low wedge shoes of all kinds (balerinas, sandals) 

    6. The jean jacket(white and blue).

    I live in 4 seasosn (even 8 mini seasons) climate.

  • Elizabeth P replied 9 years ago

    Fascinating thread Deborah.  My gut instinct is that I can't possibly define 8-10 things that are "me".  And this in itself is an issue!  Too much stuff?  Or still all over the place?  Definitely have to give it more thought, and come back to this.  I think this exercise could be really clarifying for me.

    I love that you and others are posting finds to illustrate thier pieces... it's like a whole bunch of polyvores of essentials. 

  • Jaime replied 9 years ago

    These days I would say;
    slouchy skinny jeans
    bf jeans
    pointy toe shoes
    somewhat oversized jackets for layering over sweaters
    cross body bags
    Seems like too little but I am not sure what else I would be lost without right now.

  • Deb replied 9 years ago

    A tough task..... but my current top 10 must haves, regardless of season, are as follows...

    1-Isabel Marant silk shirt
    2-Sambag crew neck silk tee blouse
    3-COH Emerson boyfriend jeans
    4-AG Stilt both black and white jeans
    5-Karen Millen leather moto
    6-Saba black blazer
    7-Banjo and Matilda cashmere sweater
    8-Aquatalia ankle boot
    9-Stuart Weitzman circle sandal. Can I sneak in a Stuart pump as well?
    10-Sambag LBD

    I could readily add to this list and make it my top 20 though Deborah.
    I'd love to know what's on Ines's list.

  • replied 9 years ago

    Let's see. My "Top Ten" list would be this:

    1. Slim-legged pants and jeans

    2. Flare-legged trousers and jeans

    3. Capri pants

    4. Fitted blazers

    5. Cropped vest (I only have one, but wear it a lot and don't know what I ever did without it)

    6. Tops - blouses, button-down shirts, and layering tanks

    7. Outerwear - sweaters, cardigans, coats and jackets

    8. Footwear - boots (tall and ankle), dress shoes and sandals

    9. Dresses - versatile LBD (Little Basic Dress) and others

    10. Accessories - jewelry (wedding ring, dressy wristwatch, casual wristwatch, necklaces and earrings), belts, dressy clutch, everyday handbag

    These are items that are workhorses and must be in my wardrobe. I made general categories because I live in a 4-season climate. Also, I have to account not only for what I wear to work (which often is also worn on weekends), but also for times when I need to dress up for special events or for dinner invitations. I guess if push came to shove, I could do without my dresses, but I wouldn't want to. I love my dresses. I didn't include skirts on the list because although I have them, they aren't something I wouldn't be able to live without.

  • Suz replied 9 years ago

    First of all, your top 8 pieces make perfect sense and the fact that you can do this so readily is a testament to your finely honed signature style. Brava!

    As for me, this gets to the core of my "evolving my style" dilemma. That is REAL vs. ASPIRATIONAL style. 

    Do you want the REAL "Top 10"?   For winter, here they are, and this is based on documentary evidence of actual wears. 

    My list: 

    Puffer coat (please also include scarf, mitts, hats as part of this item since they always accompany one another and can't really be viewed as "accessories.")

    Wears so far: 40

    Snow boots: 30

    Weather-ready moto boots: 30

    Wool or cashmere turtleneck: (I actually have these in several key neutrals, so divide my wears, but overall have worn 28 times since September). 

    Oversized or extra fluid pullover: Again, I have several of these. The one that gets the most wear is not available in Finds. I got it last year -- it's in the photos. I don't show it often on the forum. Hectically oversized, it got mixed reviews when I debuted it here. But I knew I would wear it a lot, and boy, was I right. I wear this the way some people wear loungewear. It has had 36 wears so far since September. 

    Overall, the oversized/ extra fluid fit pullovers have been worn 67 times. 

    Skinny jean: In this category, I have a lot. But, in my defence, I wear a lot. My CoH Racers alone have seen 25 wears so far since late September. Overall, my various pairs of skinny jeans have had 90 wears since late September. This is why one or two pair are really not enough for me. 

    A warm shirt: Again, I have a couple. They've been worn about 20 times together. 

    A cardigan: Another "loungewear" staple for at home. I have 3 oversized ones that together have seen 55 wears. 

    Upscale trackpant: Mine again are "loungewear" and very useful. I never had a pair before but I enjoy them. They rarely get worn out, although they do fit well enough to be dressed up should the day require it. They've had 21 wears since October. 

    Now. Ask me which of these pieces would be in my ASPIRATIONAL wardrobe. That's a whole other question. 

    In fact, I may just have to cut and paste this post to start a new topic! 

    Thanks for making me think harder, Debs. Brilliant idea, and I have enjoyed reading and seeing everyone's lists. They do give a good sense of signature (or in my case, actual) style. 

  • trekkiegirl replied 9 years ago

    This is a great exercise for someone like me, who is still trying to sort out my signature style(s?) It's interesting to see similar items listed for multiple people, but also to see how they implement them in different combinations with very different items.
    I am curious though, is this list supposed to be comprised of a number of single items, or is it a list of categorical items? For example, would I say skinny jeans in multiple colors, or one specific pair of skinny jeans?

    I think I'll go with the one specific item theory, just in attempt to be more specific.

    Anyhoo... My essential ten would be:
    1. Black skinny jeans
    2. Black leggings
    3. Black faux leather Moto jacket
    4. Black flats with gold studs
    5. Black knee high combat boots
    6. Black pencil skirt
    7. Button down ... I have so many, but I guess I'd go with black again
    8. Cowl neck sweater
    9. Opaque tights
    10. Funky necklace, usually metallic

    Phew that was hard. I feel like I have so many other things to include... Graphic screen print tee, tank top for layering, a nice blazer...

  • Helena replied 9 years ago

    Great thread and great list! Here's my basic list, which is tweaked based on season:

    - the dark wash skinny jean
    - the dark wash bootcut jean (swap out for white shorts/crops in summer)
    - the black v-neck
    - the black crewneck
    - the navy and white striped top
    - the neutral scarf
    - the black boot (or shoe or sandal)
    - the neutral cardigan

  • replied 9 years ago

    Deborah, shipskitty, and goldenpig: thank you, I'll take everything in all three of your "capsules" and combine them all into the perfect wardrobe for me.  There, done, easy :)  

  • approprio replied 9 years ago

    I don't know how you got it down to eight. That would not cover all the bases for me. I think I could build a functional capsule from the following:

    • Rain coat and hat
    • Thick-soled lace up shoes: oxfords, creepers
    • Chunky ankle boots with heels or platforms
    • Fluid fit or oversized jumper
    • Loose fitting casual tapered pants
    • Blazer, preferably black
    • Close fitting fine-knit sweater
    • T-shirts - black, white, plain and printed
    • Wide legged tailored pants
    • Tailored dress
    Essential accessories:
    • Eyewear: prescription and sunnies
    • Watch 
    • Bag
    • Belt
    • Rings
  • Aziraphale replied 9 years ago

    Fun! All right, I'll play. Without these, my style would no longer be my own:

    1. Skinny jeans (not too tight, though)
    2. Slim boyfriend jeans
    3. Black tee shirt (fitted)
    4. Black tee shirt (loose and drapey)
    5. Long blazer
    6. Ankle boots
    7. 2" black belt with plain silver buckle
    8. Trench coat

    There! That was really easy.

    There are lots of other items I really like and wear quite often -- like white button-front shirts, black silk shirts, waistcoat, camo belt, etc -- but my wardrobe wouldn't collapse around me if I lost them. 

  • trekkiegirl replied 9 years ago

    Suz - what a great idea, to compare the real with the aspirational! I'll have to think on that some, but I think it will definitely help me.

    Deborah - thank you again for posting this it is such an eye-opener for newbie me!

  • citygirldc replied 9 years ago

    This might change in the summer time but this list is seasonal.  This is what I can think of right now. I'm sure I'm missing something.

    1. a good pair of jeans (i.e. skinny, boyfriend, etc.)
    2. little black dress
    3. black blazer
    4. red lipstick
    5. cool looking but comfy pumps/heels
    6. the perfect flat
    7. black and white striped top
    8. white button down/up shirt
    9. rain coat (i.e. khaki trench coat)
    10. polka dot top
  • celia replied 9 years ago

    Deborah, I pretty much can live with your list of 8 for fall/winter. The items can be different in shape or feel but the list is the same :)

  • Laura (rhubarbgirl) replied 9 years ago

    Straight leg jeans
    V neck tees
    V neck cardigans
    Button front shirts
    Knit Blazers
    Pencil skirts
    Ballet flats
    Knit dresses

    Obviously I wear and need more than that, but without any of the above items I would seriously struggle to get dressed.

  • Mary Beth (formerly LBD) replied 9 years ago

    Ooh, count me in to play!   Right now, my must-haves are:

    1.   Black leather over-the-knee, flat-heeled equestrian boots.
    2.   Classic black super-high stiletto pumps
    3.   James Jeans "Twiggy" in Urban (dark wash)
    3.   Black lace Wolford tights
    4.   Ivory Cowl-neck Sweater
    5.   Black Cowl-Neck Top
    6.   A flower necklace
    7.   My perfume:   The Enchanted Forest, by The Vagabond Prince
    8.   My 'greige' leather Danier moto jacket
    9.   Black leather gloves
    10. A draped black jersey, fitted pencil skirt

  • amiable replied 9 years ago

    Okay, my turn.  I have more like 10 categories, not 10 items:

    1. Jeans (boyfriend, slouchy skinny, maybe bootcut too)
    2. Button down shirts (breathable, summer and winter)
    3. Pull over sweaters (layered over button down shirts in winter)
    4. All-day-on-my-feet shoes (not really a fashion item, but they get worn almost every day.
    5. A warm pea coat or puffer.(winter only)
    6. A long cardigan (new to my closet, but worn almost daily)
    7. Summer dress
    8. Birkenstock sandals (summer), moto boots (winter)
    9. leather jackets 
    10. Simple belt (black, maybe white too)

    I'm probably missing some (and probably have some that aren't really essentials too), but these are the first ten that came to mind :)

  • Joy replied 9 years ago

    I'll give it a go. This shows that I need to refine my style more
    For a 4 season climate:
    1. Skinny blue jeans sized up and rollable for summer.
    2. A black pencil or tube skirt
    3. Black jacket...blazer probably.
    4. Breton stripe tee, short sleeves
    5. LBD that can be dressed up or down. (Could be navy or light grey)
    6. Black or navy cashmere pullover sweater
    7. Waterproof ankle boots in grey
    8. Athletic flats in black and cream
    9. Sleeveless silk tops to layer or wear alone
    10. Puffer coat with scarf and gloves
    This is really bare minimum!

  • Susie replied 9 years ago

    I've based my choices on numbers so these are the things that have gotten the most wear for fall/winter so far:

    1) EF black knit leggings
    2) Dark skinny jeans
    3) Bootcut jeans
    4) Dark floral print silky tee (to layer over)
    5) Black crew neck cashmere sweater
    6) Long black cardigan
    7) Black 3/4 sleeve curved hem sweater
    8) Coach silver leather satchel
    9) Furla cobalt leather satchel
    10) Donald Pliner black snakeskin toe booties
    11) Black patent leather oxfords
    12) Pewter leather zipped flats (casual wear)

    In general, I would say that jeans (blue, black, white), black pants of varying silhouettes, sweaters, and a good selection of shoes/boots and handbags are perennial essentials for me.

  • AM replied 9 years ago

    These items need to be black, gray, ink, light bluish/gray, with white accents.

    1. black frame glasses (need new ones)
    2. yummy scarf
    3. modern classic jewelry
    4. cashmere tunic
    5. chambray shirt
    6. skinny dark blue jeans
    7. black legging
    8. beautiful black boots (moto, chelsea, pointy, etc. -- I am cheating)
    9. long/longer toppers (cheating again)
    I need to find the perfect black casual dress, t-shirts, and white shirt.
    I love and will continue to collect long/longer cardigans, jackets, and coats.
    Nice to reflect. I see others posts as shopping lists as so many of these appeal to me.
    Thank you!

  • E replied 9 years ago

    Oh fun! I tried to adopt a tone like this article take, as it amused me. :) I would need at least one of each of these pieces to dress, although in practice I have lots of options in each category! And I spend enough time outside that I need seasonally specific fabric or cut options to stay comfortable in my four season climate.


    The Little Silk Blouse
    In a flattering colour, with interesting details, and a style that can be worn on its own or layered and tucked or untucked.

    The Long Sleeve Crewneck Cardi
    In wool or cotton/silk/linen depending on the season, this opens up layering possibilities and can be worn in several ways.

    The Slim/Skinny Trouser
    Fabric varying by season, this lets me surrender my waist without looking frumpy. A high rise is most comfortable on me and lets me play with tucking

    The Full Skirt
    Nipped in at my natural waist, then flaring out and ending somewhere around my knee. Along w a tucked top, this is my most traditionally figure flattering look while letting me add a vintage taste to any outfit. And I love the way a full skirt rustles as I walk.

    The Girly Jacket
    Its neat tailoring and waist definition lets it pair with full volume bottoms while it can be worn open over slimmer bottoms. It combines menswear tailoring w feminine details like peplums, puffed sleeves, etc. and can evoke 19th century style, unlike the cardigan. Fabric and weight vary by season.

    The Sleeveless Fit and Flare Dress
    Worn as a sundress in warmer months and layered in the cooler ones, this makes for an easy, flattering outfit with minimal effort.

    The Clunky Flat Shoe
    Varying by season, frequently sporting laces, and always in leather, these add a grounding, sensible note to my sometime whimsical outfits.

    The Hat
    Wool in winter, straw in summer, I wear one to protect me from the weather and add an extra dose of whimsy to my look.

    Seasonally Specific Additions

    The Long Sleeve Knit Top
    Both cotton tees and wool sweaters form an important building block to keeping me cosy in cool weather.

    The Lined Wool Trouser
    Hitting at my natural waist to provide most tucking options, and in a tailored wide leg cut for the ultimate in comfort, these are a go-to on the bitterest winter days.

    The Heavy Wool Coat
    Keeps me warm even in significantly below freezing temps and lets me feel much more true to my storybook leanings than a puffer ever could.

    The Baggy Midthigh Short
    Baggy to counteract any sexiness implied by a shorter hemline, these keep me cool in the hotter months.

    The Breezy Blouse
    In summer fabrics and a cut that stands away from my body, these combine w the shorts for maximum cooling in the summer.

  • Caro in Oz replied 9 years ago

    For summer mine are:
    A loose dress in a fantastic fabric - knit linen, linen or silk
    Sandals - cheating here Birks & dressier
    Great shoes
    Harem pants
    More shoes/booties
    Tops that work with the pants
    My summer coat from last year (a new work-horse)
    Beach capsule

    Leather jackets
    Harem pants
    More tops/knits
    Yoga gear/lounge wear (keeping it real)

  • rachylou replied 9 years ago

    Ok... I'm doing this without reviewing the old essentials list. It will be interesting to me to go back and compare:

    Tunic-y tops
    Thermals (heattech, crew and turtleneck)
    A-line skirts
    Sleeveless fit and flare dresses
    Hat/scarf/headband to cover ears in cold
    Short boots
    Wedged 'court shoes' (plain black)

    I think that's 13 things, with some cheating :)

  • gryffin replied 9 years ago

    Deborah - I'm going to go with a kind of trans-seasonal spring/fall/winter approach.  Our lists are very similiar, (you expected that!!), different silhouette for me more tailored but same idea.
    1. Long Black blazer - theory marcela
    2. Little Black Dress - work fitted AP, day shift
    3. The skinny jeans - gap always skinny skimmers - black/gray sized up for slouchy boyfriend skinny look
    4. The boxy sweater - EF merino boxy top
    5. Leggings - danskins and EF skirted leggings
    6. Tunics - EF merino
    7. Boots - Aquatalia undy
    8. The coat - vince asymmetric leather trim car coat
    Of course I need more blazers etc but this is a nice capsule!!
    9. The day bag - coach annabelle
    10. the belt- the ultimate accessory
    Pretty much the basic capsule - just repeat!!

  • K.M. replied 9 years ago

    I'm with Suz and tr3kkie9rl on whether this is about real or aspirational... and whether it's about specific pieces or categories.
    Maybe for those who have their styles and wardrobes more figured out, the difference is moot, but for me it's huge!

    On the real wardrobe, my indispensables, for Fall and Winter:

    1. Cotton t-shirts
    2. Bootcut jeans
    3. Bootcut trousers
    4. Skinny cords
    5. Snow boots
    6. Pullover sweaters for warmth (even if I prefer the look of cardis)
    7. Puffer
    8. Colorful scarves
    9. Flared or A-line wool skirt

    This list, to me, is practical but also sometimes frumpy, which is why I've been visiting this forum and trying to reflect on how to get at a happier place with my wardrobe. Because at heart I'm not such a practical/casual dresser and have never been until the last few years. Writing the list almost made me a little sad.

  • Sal replied 9 years ago

    Okay I will be real here too....and include what I actually wear excluding for actually going to the gym.

    I will think transseasonal as much as possible.  I don't tally/count wears so it is intuitive.

    1 Patterned trousers - have two and wear them both
    2 Jeans - mid blue, straight/slouchy skinny/slim fit boyfriend
    3 Crop harems - for kids sport, lounging, walks
    4 Smart tailored work dress
    5 Dressy tee - I have several, pink, spotty, black, cream
    6 Blazer
    7 Ankle boots
    8 Black pumps

    It does not quite work for me because I need a casual tee/tank to wear lounging with my crop harems!!  And some trainers for my feet.

  • Runcarla replied 9 years ago

    I'm in...

    1. Straight leg dark wash Jean
    2. Mariner T
    3. Chelsea boot
    4. Pencil skirt
    5. Leather moto
    6. Pointy toe flat
    7. trench coat
    8. leather tote
    9. Turtleneck sweater
    10. Jean jacket

  • Deborah replied 9 years ago

    These are awesome list ladies.  Some I am nodding along with and others I find I am learning something new about your style.  Quite exciting.  I am going to bookmark this post as the responses will be great to reference when looking at your outfits and also considering new purchases.

  • Niki Lea replied 9 years ago

    My list has changed a bit over the past couple of months:

    1. Black skinny jeans
    2. Patterned blouse
    3. Pointy toed flats
    4. Boot cut jeans
    5. Brown mid-calf boots
    6. Black v-neck tee
    7. Raincoat (tis the season)
    8. Oversized cardigan

  • Golden replied 9 years ago

    straight legged pants
    pencil skirt
    riding boots (no zips)
    Equipment silk signature blouse
    Cashmere pullover
    Dark skinny jeans
    Tee shirt
    pointy pump
    V neck long sleeve merino or cashmere sweater

  • AM replied 9 years ago

    Deborah - Thanks for this great post. A great resource for reflection and learning from others. Nice job.

  • milehighstyle (Linda) replied 9 years ago

    Here's my cool/cold weather version, leaving out coats and underlayers:

    Dark wash skinny jeans

    Black, navy, or grey skinny pants

    Patterned pencil skirt

    A line skirt

    Bright colored fit and flare dress

    White blazer or tux jacket

    Button front shirt, white or striped

    Pull over sweater

    Long chunky cardigan

    Moto jacket

    Grey leather booties

    Black wedges

  • Elizabeth P replied 9 years ago

    I found this really difficult.  I didn't want to do GROUPS of items, as some have done, I wanted to figure out what my top 10 actual articles are.  I live in a 4 (or 6) season climate, so my summer clothes are drastically different from my winter.  And I work full time, so have work as well as casual clothes. 
    Do I pick my favourites?  The ones I wear the most?  The ones I feel are most "me"?

    In the end, I decided to go with a bit of a combo, but primarily things that are foundational.  For the winter.  Not necessarily style defining in themselves, but allow me to wear my statement pieces.  And ironically, this ended up being quite a nice little weekend capsule!

  • WilliamLion replied 9 years ago

     My list includes
    skinny jeans
    or pull over sweate

    black leather booties
    black wedges
    black watch
    black skirt
    red coat

  • shiny replied 9 years ago

    This is tough; I don't think I can keep it to 8. My list might've included jeans but with weight being up these days, I'm making do just fine without them.... otherwise, I think I may be too general here?

    1. Black dress 
    Depending on season & occasion, this could be a maxi dress (summer), elbow length (fall), sweater dress (winter).... so not just one dress would do, but a black dress always stars as an essential no matter what season.

    2. Black ponte knit 5-pocket skinnies

    3. Black low-heeled/flat ankle booties 

    4. White top
    Like the black dress, this could be a basic cotton or linen tee, or a dressy blouse with long sleeves or a silk shell, but I need a season- and occasion-appropriate white top in my closet at all times. 

    5. Fabulous coat
    Cannot be an "afterthought" ... a fun color, something different than black.  Puffers are my go-to right now, my nod to the super lux trend. In Spring this would be my trench. 

    6. My personal "It" bag
    Each season I need a go-to bag that pulls it all together... for fall/winter it was cognac. Last spring it was blush pink. This spring/summer it may be a white backpack.... 

    7. Not-boring Topper
    The third piece is critical: Right now I am loving cascading cardigans. I was off them for awhile. I'm thinking here of ink blue cardigan, and longer /lighterweight black theory cardigan. Or it could be Jean jacket for warmer months... leather for cooler months.... or it could be a blazer though I have been off my blazers for awhile... 

    8. Scarf
    Keeps me warm, and adds a pop of color/interest... especially if you are resigning me to only 8 items!!!!

  • Lisa replied 9 years ago

    I had put together my essential top ten a while back on my blog. 

    Here's the link.


    I think it is very helpful to review what one's essential items are, and the reasons why. 

  • Adelfa replied 9 years ago

    Okay, I've been kind of intimidated by this question, but I'm going to try:
    These are my real, non-aspirational, cool weather essential 8:

    1. darkish straight leg blue jeans
    2. black skinny jeans
    3. deep wine straight leg jeans
    4. gray fluid tee
    5. black silk placket-front top
    6. black pointy toe chunky 2" heel booties
    7. gray heather waterfall-ish cardi
    8. black cocoon cardi

    Warm weather as I recall from last year:
    1. darkish straight leg blue jeans
    2. white jeans
    3. olive cropped skinny boyfriend twill pants
    4. pale pink silk knit tee
    5. print top: mushroom and ivory polka dots
    6. gray tee
    7. nude Okalas
    8. champagne waterfall-ish cardi

    I reach for gray tees and my black silk shirts over and over. And I'm temporarily off blazers and enjoying modern styles of cardigans.

  • Style Fan replied 9 years ago

    I live in a six or eight season climate so this is a very difficult exercise.  I will try to come up with my essentials for my Florida trip which I am on right now for 2 months.

    This is like an early Spring season.

    1/  BF jeans.  Always number one for me.

    2/  Burberry Trench. 

    3/  Long sleeved T shirts.  I brought 3.  Olive green, burnt yellow and topaz.

    4/  Cashmere cardigan.  Dark brown.

    5/  Dark brown corduroy skinny jeans sized up. 

    6/  Denim shirt.

    7/  Brown belt.

    8/  Marsala Cross body bag.  I have had it for years and it just happens to be the colour of the year.

    9/  Denim jacket.

    10/  Black boots.  I would prefer cognac booties but these ones are more comfortable.

  • kerry replied 9 years ago

    OK, I'm in. This is for winter, which is long in my neck of the woods.

    1. Boots (knee high, mid calf or ankle) knee-highs are getting less love this year.

    2. Slim bottom (denim or leggings)

    3. Great bra

    4. Cotton camisole

    5. Drapey tee

    6. Long cardigan

    7. Warm, stylish winter coat

    8. Comfy loungers (I hibernate a lot this season!)

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