WIW : Blackout!

Hi Fab Ones!

No surprise here I am sure!

One of the things I often think about is how to replicate my winter looks in summer friendly versions. Winter is my season of choice and hot summers that limit layering opportunities can get me down a little.

My winter version of this would be closed in boots, ponte pants and a long sleeve oversized sweater. I felt this was a good summer translation of a winter look:)

Outfit is as simple as it gets. Skinny black pants (Katies), fluid button down shirt (Jeans West) and open toe ankle boots (Rubi). Accessorized with silver and white necklace and silver rings and silver stud earrings. I always forget to take pics with my handbags but this bag is deserving of a picture. It is by Sandler and its such a fun bag for an all black outfit. It's one of those items that makes me feel very glam lol.

This is one of two button down shirts I own. I find button downs are best for me in soft draped fabrications rather than the crisp version. Far kinder to my bust area :) And with my shorter hair, I am loving the look of the collar done up:)

This outfit had a very high happiness factor, and I felt great as I delivered training in it today.

I should have linked to Angie's blog post but I think this outfit also demonstrates Angie's point about the slimming factor of fluid fits:)

Thanks for looking and your thoughts, opinions, suggestions for improvement are much appreciated.

xxx Deborah

P.s. Glad I felt great cos I was notified today that both my chefs for our community meal are out of action tomorrow... in trouble shooting mode now working out he we will get a meal on the table. Prayers, positive thoughts all very welcome :) x


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WIW : On a Fab Friday:)

Hi Ladies,

Busy day running around followed by a very casual bbq at our home with some friends. Wearing the same outfit for both my errands and the bbq because it's just so comfy and I like that my clothes can do 'double duty' so to speak.

Understandably this won't be everyone's cup of tea:) But this is me! I feel great and my happiness scale is off the chart lol.

Drape Top - Metalicus
Harem Leggings - Urban Outfitters
Birk-a-likes - Target

Please excuse my hair, not looking so fab today.. a little dry and recovering
from some damage:(

Thank you for looking any feedback, suggestions, critique much appreciated.

xxx Happy Weekend to you, Deborah


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PMWIW2 : Wildcard / Statement?

Hi Ladies,

Todays outfit and as per Denise's suggestion, I tried another photo spot but my creativity was a bit lacking :)

Worn to the Community Meal today:)

Black skinny jeans, cream draped top, paisley print kimono jacket and open toe booties.

Felt good in this but the afternoon heated up, so swapped out the booties for birks and rolled my jeans for school pick up.

Not sure if this jacket fits the wildcard category, I am assuming it's a statement piece? 

What say you.  Does it work.  The jacket was purchased on a bit of a whim :)

Thanks for looking,

#4 was some creative editing, just for fun :) Supposed to look like a drawing :)

xxx Deborah


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PMWIW1: Keeping IT Real:)

Firstly, Thank you to Denise for the encouragement to post more:) I have gotten very lazy lately and while the heart was willing the body didn't have the energy:)

So today is a public holiday and I had the day off work. I ran some errands this morning and had lunch with my MIL at her Aged Care home. Picked up Master 11 from school and then changed into 'lounge wear' for the afternoon.

#1 Skinny black ankle pants with loose fitting blouse and birk-a-likes with
black and gold pendant.
I would prefer this either with a heel, or with slouchy tapered pants and
flats. Looking at the picture the proportions don't look as good as they
did in the mirror? But I received a couple of nice compliments on this

#2 Loungewear as I help with homework, cook diner etc.
Wide leg jersey pants and jersey tee

Hair decided to take on a bizarre shape today, but in the spirit of keeping it real....

xxx Deborah


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