WIW : Just Another Manic Monday

Happy Monday!

I had a school presentation this morning (in my work polo) and then dashed home to change for the rest of the day as I have meetings.

Not a lot of tiime so my process was pretty haphazard this morning...I hope I haven't forgotten to put something on lol.

Draped jacket, navy blouse, Black midi knit skirt and shooties.

I am really enjoying adding blues and navy to my wardrobe and particularly enjoying pairing it with black. Pre YLF I would have NEVER worn black and navy together:)

And just for a change I'm wearing grey nail polish:). Not sure you can see it but I like it with the navy and black.

Suggestions for improvement welcomed.

Have a lovely day.


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WIW : Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress....

Ok I was 7 when this Hollies song came out and I remember hearing it on the radio... my mum liked the Hollies:) Im not tall (long) but I can dream right?... but I am wearing a black dress :) And good post titles are getting harder to come by lol.

This is a dress I bought a few months back in preparation for summer. This is it's second outing.

Our summer tends to be so hot that very loose fitting garments are my preference, even though they are not always the most figure flattering, however I feel this one works quite well. This dress has a subtle uneven hemline and has a really interesting feature where the fabric is pleated a little on the right side.

What appeals to me is that there are a number of ways to style this. For the office, heeled shooties and a shorter, slightly longer than choker length, heavy silver necklace works, I can layer over and under it and for today at church I wore it as seen below with slightly slouchy leggings, suede sandals and long silver pendant.

It was one of those days. I am so tired to day and I took sooo many photos but there was no hiding the bags under my eyes, so please excuse my fatigue. May plop on the couch now for a nana nap :)

Thanks for looking and as always your thoughts and suggestions are much appreciated.

xxx Deborah


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WIW : White Stripes!

Happy Weekend Fabbers,

We are enjoying a lovely sunny Saturday here in downtown Bendigo:)

Today was the first wearing of my black and white striped skirt.  This skirt is reminiscent of the one some or you lovely Fabbers have and this Aussie version was brought to my attention by Caro, who wore hers with such edge and cool, that I had to give it a try.  While I do like stripes, I generally don't feel they are reflective of my style so my mission was to see if I could edge up the striped skirt.

How did I do?

I have paired the skirt with a long, draped tee top and suede sandals.  Long tail cardigan was added for outdoors.

Love to know what you think:)

xxx Deborah


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WIW: Busting Out The New Blue

Hi Fabbers,

Post and run today as heaps on with a volunteer function today at work. Photos taken at the speed of light as well, apologies as they are not as clear as I would have liked:)

Two new items here. The jacket and blouse are new additions and the jeggings and booties you have seen many times:). Our weather has turned cold again:(.

This is probably very much a "uniform" outfit for me. Easy to wear and work in (lots of running around today) and it feels like me:)

Comments, suggestions all much appreciated.

Have a wonderful day.



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WIW: Peplum Power

Hi Fabbers,

I am a late adopter of the peplum and found this one on sale a few months back.  It is a light weight ponte and holds it shape well.

I wore this yesterday to the first of our work/volunteer Christmas Functions... lunch at the Golf Club! 

Peplum top worn over pone pencil skirt with faux leather panels and BR like pointy toe flats.  I don't wear flats much but I have discovered that when I do I really prefer a pointed toe.  I like the length it adds visually and I don't feel 'stumpy"  (not sure what that means for my collection of almond toe flats)!

How does this work?  Looking at the pics I can see I had the wrong bra on but will rectify that if I wear it again.  

Thanks for looking and your suggestions always appreciated.

xxx Deborah

PS:  I didn't mean to select the yay/nay feature. And Im not sure how to turn it off... please ignore :)


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WIW : Evolution of An Outfit

Happy Sunday Ladies!

I was seriously lacking inspiration this morning and in truth, I didn't feel like getting dressed:( And for the first time in ages, I changed quite a few times before I headed of to church.

#1 is what I wore to church, and #2 is how the outfit started.

#2 just wasn't working to my eye and as I considered changing yet again, I decided to reverse the proportions. Long on the bottom, (unrolled the pants) and short on top (messy tuck the blouse).

What do yo think? This worked much better to my eye and it felt, and I hope, looked good.

Do you see what I see? Thanks for looking.

xxx Deborah


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