A Lovely Compliment;)

Hi Ladies,

We had our Recycle Runway Parade (Fundraiser) last night and it was fantastic and a huge success!

Our event is a smallish event and part of our Bendigo Fashion Festival. The night before was THE big fashion festival runway show (that I used to be on the committee for) and we had a number of ladies who attended that parade also attend ours. After our parade a couple of them came and spoke to me and others spoke to other members of our team and said our event was better than than the "official" runway show and that my styling of the parade was fantastic and superior to what they had seen the previous night! Wohoo!

I was incredibly flattered! But the reason I am sharing is because it's all down to what I heave learnt here from Angie and you all;). YLF has stretched me and opened my eyes to different and varied styles, helped me to understand different body types better and encouraged me to play with pattern mix and more unexpected pairings. So this is a long winded thank you to you Angie and to all my beautiful and stylish YLF friends. You have made me better at something I love to do!


Ps... We raised a lot of money for our community work too:)


Job Interview

Hi Ladies,

As some of you will know I changed jobs in April and am very happy:)

My role is only two days a week and the idea has always been to try and pick up some other work also.  So I have just had a call from Motto http://www.motto.com.au for an interview on Monday for casual work with them:)  

Wish me luck:)  I haven't done retail for a long time but I am keen and love their clothing and am happy to be out working more than my current two days.

And no, I don't expect they will make me wear colour or pattern lol:)

xxx Deborah


WIW : Skirted Lemming!!

I wore my skirted leggings today for the first time and I LOVE THEM! 
I am sorry about the photo, I think the flash went off and I just didn't have time to do it all properly.  I also tried a quick outdoor pic but the sun was in the wrong spot but I liked how the top looked with the sunlight on it :)

Skirted Leggings : Motto
Metallic Sweater : Suzanne Grae
Boots : Rubi

What do you think of the skirted leggings.  Note that the legs are quite long and scrunch at the bottom. I will get them hemmed but haven't had time.  For now I am just tucking them into my footwear.

Thanks for looking.  



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Your thoughts & prayers?

Hi Ladies

My mum was taken to hospital this morning.  My sister is with her and we don't know what is wrong at this stage.  She had seen a doctor yesterday who indicated she may have bronchitis, but this morning she was listless, disoriented, wouldn't take any food and later on recalled she either fainted or collapsed in the kitchen in the middle of the night. She must have come to and put herself back to bed!  Mum is 73 and lives in a unit attached to my sisters home so my sister was onto the situation pretty quickly this morning.

After xrays today her chest is clear but they are doing blood and other tests and keeping her in overnight.

I live 3 hours away and am just waiting on my sister to let me know what the doctor says and I may head to Melbourne tomorrow.  

 Apart from managing high blood pressure, Mum has been experienced good health.  

If you have a moment I would so appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

xxx Deborah


What do you think?

Hi Ladies,

I would love your thoughts on these skirted pants from Moto.  These are not the skirted leggings I bought the other day.

I have tried these on and trust me they actually look better than on the model (hope this doesn't sound arrogant but I was very surprised at the lovely line this item created on a real person i.e. me:)  ).  

Upon trying them on I could immediately see these becoming part of my very small special occasion capsule:)  I currently have three dresses across all seasons that get worn to weddings and the like.  I feel one of them is soon to be retired as it's no longer quite the style I want to be wearing (it's over 5 years old) and the last time I wore it was about 3 years ago.  

I could see these working with a short tunic top, a sharp white shirt and tux jacket, even a subtly oversized fine gauge sweater.  

Do you see the potential here, or are they just a bit weird??  They are on sale so now would be a good time to buy.  Fabric is the same as my skirted leggings and quite transeasonal so I could wear them for one or two end of year/Christmas events we will be attending.

Thank you for looking and I appreciate your opinions.



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HEWI's & How They Turned Out

Hi Ladies,

Over the past few months I have secured three Highly Elusive Wardrobe Items.

#1 A white shirt that fits and flatters me and works with my overall look. The shirt was from COS.

#2 Skirted Leggings. Found thanks to Australian label Motto.

#3 Blue tall boots. Discovered 'by chance' yesterday?

I am thrilled with the shirt and have found it can be worn with quite a few different combos and I use it to layer under less structured items. I have worn it a lot. It has lived up to my expectations.

I received my skirted leggings today and have had a play in my wardrobe and they work with so much. I expect that these will become a workhorse but only time will tell.

The boots wont get a lot of wear, if any, until next Autumn so I really won't know until then.

This got me thinking about how sometimes an item which proves to be 'elusive' can become almost an obsession :) Skirted leggings were like that for me. I HAD to have them. But the truth is I really didn't know if they would work for me. The EF ones would have been too short for example, but you know if they had been more readily available to me I am not sure I would have had the self control and am 99% sure there would be a pair hanging in my wardrobe now lol.

My question to you is have your HEWI's turned out to be all that you expected and hoped for. Were they items that were tried and proven in the past and you knew were perfect for you? Or were they items that you took a risk on... in your mind you 'knew' they were perfect but in reality you wouldn't know until you tried them. Has anyone found and purchased a HEWI, only to return it?



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WIW : Grey Out!

Hi Lovely Ladies,

We enjoying a long weekend of genuine Spring weather:) 27 degrees today and I decided to continue with my all grey oufit lab:)

I confess not too much thought went into this as I realised I was going to be late for the hairdresser if I didn't get dressed and out of the house quickly lol. I really just went with my gut and layered ;)

Skirt : Kondo Tricot (silk)
Sweater : Suzanne Grae
Shoes : Fiona McGuiness

I received quite a few compliments which was nice :) I *think* the tones worked well together but am keen to know what you think.

Interestingly, I went to put on my black open toe ankle boots but felt it kind of looked 'done' i.e. I might be over them "yikes" and decided I preferred the lighter look of the shoe.

Also had a cut and colour today. #2 is pre appointment and #3/4 is after. A bit shorter and with more of a fringe (bangs?) but in at the front. I tend to style it better myself but you get the idea.

BTW, I picked up my skirted leggings (#5) today... so excited and will show them to you as soon as I can :)

Thanks for looking and your thoughts.

xxx Deborah


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