WIW : Winter Has Arrived!

Hi Fabbers,

Yay, it appears we have almost bypassed Autumn and Winter has arrived a few days early... and I couldn't be happier lol.

So as you may have guessed, more black layers and how exciting to be getting the boots out finally :)

Wore this to the shop today for work so it's all Motto.  My favourite skirted leggings from last year, jersey cami and twist top from the current range. The top as you can see twists at the front but it's long and tunic like at the back (see #3).

The necklace is new and is from a Canberra based designer, House of Poly, https://houseofpoly.com who works with polymer clay.   I have got to know her a little and she is just gorgeous and I really like her work.  I fell in love with the necklace and have found it works with almost everything and adds a lovely touch of 'light' to my all black.

Thanks for looking.  Feedback, suggestions for improvement or other styling thoughts much appreciated. 

xxx Deborah

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  • Ledonna N. replied 7 years ago

    Knocked it out of the ballpark again. ,I really enjoy how you make each piece of black stand out but all match or coordinate. The necklace does uplift. I also love artists unique voices. Don't you love having different fashion seasons? Lol

  • Chris987 replied 7 years ago

    Gorgeous. Necklace is just perfect you and quite special.

    However....:-)  I can't go along with being happy for winter to have arrived...in my neck of the woods we just had 4 days of brutal summer heat/humidity and now seem to be back to real spring at last....it's been so weird this year...

  • lyn67 replied 7 years ago

    Of course it's an all  black perfection! Love the  white  candies  hanging so low on your front and the subtle or dramatic layers of clothing add plenty of interest! Great shoes, too!:-)

  • Suz replied 7 years ago

    You look great, Deborah! And I am smiling because I am feeling just as happy about the sudden appearance of summer having bypassed spring! 

  • Deborah replied 7 years ago

    Thank you ladies! It sounds like the weather all round the world is weird as. It's cold here today and it feels so good!!! Looking forward to more layers ;)

  • Sal replied 7 years ago

    You look terrific.  I love the necklace.
    I however am not delighted about winter as ours has arrived in a big wet mess!!

  • Brooklyn replied 7 years ago

    I am happy too! Wearing boots and jackets again. Not to mention all the sales starting this week :) You look fabulous Deborah. I really like the top and may have to add it to my watch list. (My watch list is long, ha ha!) And the necklace, as you say, adds a lovely touch of light to the outfit.

  • replied 7 years ago

    You can have winter, thank you very much .  Cute necklace - nice and graphic and interesting.  I can't make out the details of the outfit (all black on my monitor never seems to show) but I'm curious about the detailing on the twist jacket.  Could you post a pic?  A find?  

  • shedev replied 7 years ago

    Lovely draping. I'm envious in how well you get the details to photograph in black on black.

  • Joy replied 7 years ago

    Another gorgeous Deborah outfit.  The poly beads add light and draw the eye to your face.  Love the booties too.

  • Shelly replied 7 years ago

    You look fabulous, Deborah, and I am happy you are happy with the arrival of winter. :) This was such a long and hot summer here I am quite glad of the respite.

  • Cococat replied 7 years ago

    We've had a bit of Winter up here too and I've been enjoying the change.

    I'm so pleased to see your outfit Deborah because I have been needing inspiration for how to wear the Motto skirted leggings I bought.

    Your outfit is fab and I love the necklace. I can see that it would be very versatile.

    So....long on top is best with the skirted leggings?

  • rachylou replied 7 years ago

    You have such restraint, Deborah. Editorial discipline!

  • Maneera replied 7 years ago

    Stunningly Elegant. The necklace adds an unexpected finishing touch.

  • Bijou replied 7 years ago

    OK, I'm inspired, it may be all black for me tomorrow. This look is fantastic and is classic Deborah - no one wears black better than you!

  • Summer replied 7 years ago

    Fabulous, Deborah!

    I'm willing to bet that your winter temperatures are trumping our "summer" ones at the moment!

  • kkards replied 7 years ago

    simplicity at its best! lovely, just lovely 

  • Helen11 replied 7 years ago

    Hooray for winter! (It's down to 20C here and I'm in jeans!!)
    Deborah, you have inspired me to give black another try. You always make it look so good. Love the lift that the light-coloured beads give.

  • Tanya replied 7 years ago

    Stunning look, and very you, Deborah.  The necklace adds a lot of character.

  • Elizabeth P replied 7 years ago

    Oh, lovely!!  You realize I need that top, don't you?  What is it called? (Darn, and there was free international shipping last weekend!) I can't believe you're happy about bypassing fall though, I LOVE fall dressing.  But then again, maybe my fall dressing is your winter :)

  • JAileen replied 7 years ago

    You look very chic. I couldn't wear black 24/7, but it really suits you.

    I love winter. Before the Canadians jump on me to point out that I don't even know, I mean in contrast to summer, which on the tv the weather person said "meteorological" summer is here. By that she meant, brace yourself, it's gonna be 99 this week. Ugh.

    ETA: I just checked our forecast, and it's supposed to be 104 on Sat.

  • Deborah replied 7 years ago

    Brooklyn and Elizabeth it is called the Melange Twist Top and I forgot to save it to my Finds.  I will see if I can find a link.

    Coco, I wear both long and shorter over the skirted leggings.  It's just a matter of playing with proportions IMHO.  My shorter tops that work are generally the hi low variety that have a bit of volume to offset the slim look of the skirted leggings.

    Helen always happy to enable the wearing of black lol. 

  • Elizabeth P replied 7 years ago

    I'm getting "no matches" on that name :(.  Maybe it hasn't hit the website yet?

  • catgirl replied 7 years ago

    Perfect as usual. :)

  • Helena replied 7 years ago

    Love this - you look gorgeous as you always do. I think you have a new lipstick color (at least I haven't seen it before) - it looks really good on you!

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