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Happy Sunday lovely fabbers!

Sharon posted a very cool outfit on her blog here yesterday, and I think this morning as I got dressed I must have been subliminally inspired to reach for my Obi belt.  It wasn't until I left the house that I recalled Sharon's outfit.

I rarely wear belts because:

  1. My waist has thickened somewhat leaving less definition
  2. I rarely feel comfortable with something firmly placed around my middle.
But a nice wide Obi belt can have that lovely 'girdle' effect and hold all the flabby bits in (mine, not yours Sharon :) ).

Worn to church today.

Culottes - Suzanne Grae (were wide leg pants but had them shortened)

Ink Tunic - "Limited Editions" for Target (black tank underneath)

Emelia Block Heels - Rubi

Earrings - from a little vendor at a market recently.  They are blue and kind of like looking into space.

Bracelet - Tiffany.  

This bracelet was given to me as a gift by my boss when I left my job in Melbourne to move to Bendigo.  It's the fairly classic and popular (here anyway) Heart Tag Charm Bracelet.  I actually love many of the Tiffany silver pieces and have a few (all gifts) but i am not a "heart" person, nor do 'charm' bracelets really feel comfortable on me, so after nearly 4 years and only one or two wears I decided that I actually love the chain.  It's a lovely weight and the silver feels so soft against the skin.  It's also the perfect size for my small wrist.  So, I took the pliers to it and cut the heart charm off!  I truly hope I haven't committed some type of sacrilege, but as a simple, slightly chunky chain bracelet, I am loving it... and now wearing it.

Once again, I think I am in the territory of JFE, which actually seems to be my  'flattering' lol.  

The belt was comfortable, but I am also keen on this combo without the belt.  Not sure I will repeat the belted version, but who knows.

What do you think?  Did the belt work?

xxx Deborah

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  • Adelfa replied 5 years ago

    Oh, I love the blue with the black! Also love the drapey neck with the strictness of the belt. A win! And good for you for making the bracelet work for you!

  • Elizabeth P replied 5 years ago

    I love love love this. Love it. I guess i'm a huge fan of blue with black, and you have arranged the drape of the top beautifully. I think it would work without the belt, but I do think the belt adds a great touch.

  • Sharon replied 5 years ago

    Haha, we are belt twins! I love this on you - so elegant. And using a draped front top has solved the "real estate" issue I used to experience. Such a clever solution. You have managed to achieve waist definition and torso lengthening all at once!

    I think a piece of jewellery you love and wear is better than one you don't, so I'm all good with the minor surgery! Would it be very cheeky to sell or re-gift the charm? I'm sure there is a market for something like that, which borders on the iconic.

  • shevia replied 5 years ago

    Absolutely works. Love your cut-off culottes and the blue is lovely on you!

  • K.M. replied 5 years ago

    I love all the layering! It looks so modern, geometric and fluid all at once. And I love the obi belt too. I had been eyeing a similar belt on Garnet Hill for quite a while but always wondered if I would get any use out of it. Like you I am very uncomfortable with anything tight around my mid-section. I'd love to see other ways in which you may style this belt. I take it from your post it might be a good investment even for someone who's not a belt wearer!

  • Suz replied 5 years ago

    Well, I think it's lovely. Removing that heart was exactly what I would have longed to do! Now you will get lots of wear from the bracelet. And I love your outfit as much as your inspiration. You combine blue with black so elegantly. 

  • frannieb replied 5 years ago

    Great outfit - the belt works just taking my eye a moment to get used to on you because it is a slight step away from your arty flowy - look great though

  • AM replied 5 years ago

    Oh this outfit is wonderful. You keep getting me excited about spring...and that is saying something because I keep thinking I really need to RETHINK SPRING. Loving the blue and black, the accents of leather, the boldness but it still looks simple, and the easiness/movement of these pieces. And the layers that aren't fussy but just add interest...Again, great!

  • shipskitty replied 5 years ago

    Love this outfit. Nice juxtaposition between the draped layers and the structure of the obi belt.

    I would absolutely have taken the pliers to the heart charm as well. I often modify necklaces - usually by adding in a section of chain - to get the length that is most flattering for me. On more expensive ones I sometimes pay a jeweller to do it so that the piece retains its overall integrity but for something simple like this or for regular ones the pliers and the cheap necklace components from Spotlight come out to play.

  • approprio replied 5 years ago

    Nice to see you in blue, it really suits you.

    I've been looking for a leather obi belt and I had no idea Sharon had a blog, so double win! Thanks both!

  • Dimity replied 5 years ago

    I always feel trussed up like a roast, ready for the oven, when I wear belts, but you've carried this off well. I love the blue. And if you get more enjoyment from the bracelet without the heart, I say go for it! True style is to adapt things so they work for you - like the culottes.

    BTW, I haven't been to Target to check out their culottes yet, but I did buy a pair of wide leg black pants from the op shop a couple of days ago, and I was planning to chop them off just like you did. Then I fell in love with the drapey wide legs and now I'm on the hunt for another pair of trews to chop or the Target culottes. Back to square one.

  • janni replied 5 years ago

    I love the belt with this. The whole outfit is fab, but I do think the belt adds so much.

  • gryffin replied 5 years ago

    Deborah - lovely outfit and I do love the definition that the obi gives you.  Being short, there's not much space between my bottom rib and top of hip for a waist so I'd have trouble with an obi - so jealous.  I love love a hip belt with my tunics.  The one I have is old Dkny.  It floats and because it matches my black you only see the clasp.  Do you think something like that might swap up the silouettes for you?  Although I love your clean lines with drape.  either way, stunning rendition and love the black and blue together!!

  • replied 5 years ago

    I think this looks really great, Deborah!  I too am envious of being able to wear an obi belt because I think they are such cool, classic things.  Very elegant.  I really like the blue/black combo too, and the pretty blue stones of the earrings...

    Regarding the Tiffany - yes, I am pretty sure you have committed some kind of cardinal sin, but I would have done the same thing.  There's something juvenile about hearts hanging from things - isn't there?  Sometimes I "get it" and other times, I've got the pliers out too. I think if it had something else with the heart to offset the girlishness, it would be better.  Funny, a home decor company I represent gives those out to reps after 5 or 10 years or something too.  

  • replied 5 years ago

    I love this! Very stylish drape and great colour choices. To me, the belt just finishes the look. And great idea on the bracelet. Everything about this outfit just seems balanced and chic -- especially with your wonderful haircut. You've inspired me to consider an obi belt as I never knew what to do with one or how to wear it until now. Perfect!

    As an aside, I am really envying all you fab ladies who live in warmer climates right now ;)

  • JulieJohn replied 5 years ago

    Deb - I love this outfit so much. You have a Bedouin vibe, I would like to meet you on a sand dune. The blue and black is cooling to look at. I think your waist definition looks superb.

    Your "heart surgery" is absolutely proper, not sacrilege at all if it means now you love the bracelet. DH and I just took pliers to a purse I bought, removing the clunky padlock and handles, so now it looks much trimmer and neater. So I can relate. G'day!

  • Jane replied 5 years ago

    Your hair really sets this outfit - it pulls the look together easily. The whole look is modern, and has love clean lines.

  • ElleH replied 5 years ago

    Great modern outfit. So Spring 2015! You've got the jump on us being in the right weather to wear these trends now.

  • Deborah replied 5 years ago

    Thanks so much for the belt love :) 

    Gryffin, I have a similar belt and it works a treat with just the silver buckle showing:) 

    Julie-John it's nice to see you:)  Given our weather a sand dune would not be out of the question :)

    Dimity you must let me know what the Target ones are like fit wise.

  • shiny replied 5 years ago

    Gorgeous as ever.

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