WIW: Ensemble.. Winter Interpretation.

Hi Ladies,

I loved CocoC's winter interpretation of the Casual Black Summer Dress and it was just what I needed to inspire me to wear this new (4 months old) dress for the first time.  

#1 - #4
Black 3/4 length sleeve draped dress.  I bought it at a market after having seen the same dress in stores in Melbourne and Bendigo, but at a price that I thought was a bit steep.  Same quality jersey and a better price point so I snapped it up, but because the sleeves are 3/4 I haven't worn it as it's been too cold.

Dress:  Wishbone
Cropped Sweater : Metalicus
Chelsea Pendant : Liberte
Ankle Boots : Rivers
Scarf :  Adele's Shoe Boutique

This Metalicus Cropped Sweater has already paid for itself!   I knew I would wear it, but I didn't realise how much.  It is light but so good for layering and is so warm when layered that it's been the perfect item for my freezing office:)

#5 - #7
I wore this yesterday for coffee with a friend and then to attend an afternoon church service at school.  

Mixed Media Jacket : Blossom
Tunic : C/- Birdsnest
Ponte Leggings : Target
Ankle Boots : Hush Puppies
Bag : Nine West

Thank you for looking.  All feedback and suggestions much appreciated.

xxx Deborah


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WIW : Sporty Luxe ??

Hi Ladies,

I was going to say I am a late adopter, but as you know I am more of a non-adopter lol so this wasn't exactly intentional.

I really felt like comfort and ease today AND I needed a non boot day.  As much as I love my boots, winter can get a little "boots and leggings AGAIN", so I started with my slip on sneaks, added leggings, striped top and draped long vest.  Scarf for warmth.

I think the sporty is communicated via the sneaks and the leggings, and the luxe through the wool blend draped vest and Oroton bag.

Wore this to church and for the rest of the day.  It had enough dressy for me to feel like me:)

#4 is are new earrings.  DH said they were interesting!!

In other news, I haven't been on the forum quite as much as we are trying to cut back Master 12's time on his computer games and social media (he has an Instagram account and spends time on You Tube(.   I feel I need to set an example and cut back on my computer / social media time (I am a little addicted myself). I also bought a bike on Friday and have been riding with Master 12 daily, again to get him out of the house and away from screens.  So I will popping in mostly when he is at school or asleep lol.

Thanks or taking a look and your thoughts, suggestions, etc much appreciated.

xxx Deborah


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WIW : Volume

Hi Ladies,

Another chilly day in the land of Aus!

Felt like a change today so I wore my 'business' pants lol.  These are a very slightly flared and wider leg pant that I normally wear.  They would be part of my more conservative business capsule... if I had one :)  

A pointed toe would be ideal, but I don't have a boot with a pointed toe so I just wore my highest heeled ankle boots.  Layered a white Cos shirt over the pants and then a Metalicus cropped sweater over the blouse.

Silver and pearl earrings and a leather brooch. 

The brooch was a gift from a friend who 'inherited' it with her favourite aunt's belongings, after the aunt passed away earlier this year.  My friend had no real use for it and I was thrilled to receive it.  It's right up my alley so to speak:)  I looks like a crumpled piece of leather and really appealed to me.  I generally like to wear it on black!?

Anyway, I realise this is perhaps not overly conventionally flattering but I really did feel good in it.  I don't think it is as boxy in real life as there is some movement in the items, and I was complimented on my outfit today at work... always nice:)

#2 shows my black trench with white tipping.  Again, I feel this looks better IRL.

So have I strayed too far from flattering?  

Thanks for your thoughts.  
xxx Deborah


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WIW : Leather Blazer & Lace Ups

Hi Ladies,

Had to go to work for a few hours this morning as I have moved my hours around this week to facilitate school drop off and pick up while DH is away on a retreat:)

It is still very cold here, and my office is even colder lol!

My outfit actually started with the shoes today.  I woke up wanting to wear lace ups!  These are by Diana Ferrari and I love them.  I have always had a thing for lace ups with a square toe.  This is the second pair I have owned (I wore the others to the ground in the 90's!!).  But they don't get worn often enough. I seem to forget they are there :(

So... started with the shoes, added tights, Metalicus skirt and Navy Split back sweater.  Pulled out the leather blazer which is also a bit of an orphan and really liked the proportions.  I think that maybe this jacket works best with skirts rather than pants and that is why I haven't worn it much. During the cooler months I am in pants and leggings all the time.

I actually left the scarf and jacket on while in the office.  Too cold to remove anything!!

Thanks for looking.  What do you think re the jacket?  Good length for skirts? And I hope my shoes aren't too 'daggy'  (i.e. uncool, not trendy) lol.

xxx Deborah

 ps.  excuse my buffy hair, only three weeks in and I need a trim:(


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WIW : Pattern!!

Happy Sunday ladies!

This is one of the items I bought earlier this week in Melbourne.  

I had been watching it online since it became available and wasn't sure until I actually tried it on in store if it was for me.  I don't have a desire to add pattern to my wardrobe but when I am tempted, it usually black and white:)  

The jacket is the Mali Long Sleeve Jacket from Metalicus.  Here is the link http://http//www.metalicus.com.....white.html  for anyone interested:)  Metalicus does ship overseas ;)

It's a clever jacket!  It has snaps at the side and that is how I am wearing it today.  But it also has snaps on the shoulder so it can be draped upward and secured on the left shoulder.  And it can of course be worn open and draped.  It is polyester/spandex blend and is quite lightweight which makes it perfect for layering. 

My outfit started off with black ponte leggings, ankle boots and a plain black shirt.  I don't think I have shown you the shirt before. It is from Target, a nice fabric, cut and length.  Collared shirts are rare in my wardrobe because it is so hard to find ones that fit me well (and have a nice small collar) so when this one worked I had to buy it. I was going to wear a blanket wrap with the outfit but just wasn't feeling it so I popped the jacket on just to see how it worked and I decided I liked the combo.

A couple of friends at church this morning said they loved the jacket, so hopefully I'm on a winner;)

What say you?  Your thoughts, suggestions and critique much appreciated.

xxx Deborah


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