WIW : Is it a skirt or a top ;)

Hi Ladies,

Another couple of pics of my skirt but this time worn as a top.  I was a little skeptical but the fit is quite good and I liked the softness the draped panel added to a harder edge black look.  

Jacket / Peter Morrissey
Top / Zippy Skirts
Skinny Pants / Katies
Boots / Aldi

What do you think?  I felt a little insecure wearing a strapless top but the band is quite firm and thankfully I did not fall victim to any wardrobe mulfunctions ;)

Thanks for looking


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Questioning just how much to buy for Winter

Hi Ladies,

Here in Oz, we have been experiencing warm weather since Sept/Nov.
We are now in Autumn and while we have had some cool days, today was back up to 20 degrees and I found myself in white ankle jeans and sandals... again!

Autumn/Winter is my preferred season fashion wise but with Winter only weeks away, I am feeling I might just need to be a little conservative with my purchases as it's likely that winter clothing may only be required for a very short period - maybe 3 or 4 months (if I am lucky) 

I have bought a few things specifically for Winter but they are hanging in my closet feeling a little unloved:(  I just bought the jacket/coat in #1/2 and may have to turn the aircon on in the house and wear it at home lol

Is the weather weird like this everywhere?  I have heard some of you in the Northern Hemisphere saying it's hasn't warmed up yet for you.  Has it impacted your shopping?

xxx Deborah


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WIW : Seasonally Confused:)

Hi Fabbers,

Our weather is all over the place, no consistency at all:) My outfit may seem a little seasonally confused but it was right for today. Covered arms but peep toes!!

These pants have quickly become go to pants for me, I am really enjoying wearing them.

Teamed them with a Bell Top, and Long Sleek Cardigan today for work at the store.

#2 was me playing around with some photo ideas with some flowers my lovely DH bought me this week ... an early Mothers Day gift he said :) I loved that he got the blue. They are dyed. The only thing better would have been black lol

Thanks for looking. Suggestions, styling ideas always very much appreciated.

xxx Deborah


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WIW : A Zippy Skirt:)

Happy Monday everyone!

I came across a local designer recently on Instagram who has created what she calls a 'travel skirt'.  The idea being that if you are travelling for work, this is the only skirt you need to take and you build your outfits around it.  I thought it was a clever idea and I was keen to try it out.  It's always cool to see what local independent designers are doing.

The skirt has a zip running horizontally across the front of the skirt that is hidden by the folded waistband.  There are then number of 'panels' that can zip onto the skirt to create different looks, along with a pouch for travelling.

This was my first wearing, and I have worn it simply as a short straight skirt (no panel) over leggings to do some running around.  Thankfully it is cooling down here (finally) and I was able to wear a jacket too.

And look at me getting more and more daring everyday.  Another set of pics taken outdoors, in front of my garage door.  I worry the neighbors are going to think I'm mad taking photos of myself lol.

Thanks for looking.
xxx Deborah


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Outfit Heaven?

Happy Wednesday lovely ladies!

As most of us are given to a reasonable amount of outfit analysis and thinking about fashion, I found myself thinking how much I was liking my outfit today (which unfortunately I didn't get a chance to photograph this morning), and as I dissected it, I realised I am wearing my three favourite labels today.

Items are below in finds.  

Outfit started with my EF Harem Pants, then Metalicus top and Motto jacket.

I LOVE how these brands marry so well!

I have found that my Metalicus and Motto pieces are so easy to mix and match.  They are different but share a particular aesthetic, I suppose, that makes it all work.

So I wondered how well your favourite/'go to' labels work together. I am guessing they do but are there cases were what  you like from one brand is so different to another that they just don't correspond (is that the right word?)



Harem Pants Inspiration Thread!

Hi Ladies,

I am starting the Harem Inspiration thread as discussed in an earlier thread.

Please feel free to post your own harem outfits and also any other outfit pictures you come across with women wearing harems that inspire you.

For those interested, mark this thread as a 'favourite' so you can find it easily and we can continue to update it with our harem stylings.

I am excited as this will be a fab resource for styling my harems:)

I attached a stock picture of my current favourite harems, the EF very dropped drop crotch version, but I know some of different versions (not so low a dropped crotch) etc.

I will post my first lot of pics as a commentor.

Have fun and thanks for the inspiration.

xxx Deborah


WIW : More EF Harem Styling:)

Hi Fabbers,

I wore my EF Harems to church this morning. I must admit I was somewhat uninspired.  Feeling a little tired and unmotivated today but nothing a nice nap on the couch with the sun streaming in can't fix lol.

I think I have only posted one EF Harem outfit so far but I am having fun playing with tops and proportions.  Today I wore:

#1 - #4
EF Harem Pants
Metalicus Metallic Open Weave Sweater
(layered a cotton tank in navy under it)
Target Shooties

I know there are quite a few ladies with these pants, and also other versions of the harem pant, and many of us have questioned styling options.  Do we need to start a thread to share how we have styled ours??  I for one would love all the inspiration in one place.

Thanks for looking
xxx Deborah


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WIW : New Droppies

Hi Fab Ones,

As you may know I have a bit of a thing for drop crotch pants:)

These are my latest addition:)  Stepping out of my comfort zone with a printed pant this time. It's animal print but still in my usual colour palette.  Wore them today and I really enjoyed them.

I know they are an acquired taste, but what do you think?

Thanks for looking,

xxx Deborah


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Coats/Jackets for Winter:)

Ladies I posted a lightweight jacket/coat today for consideration and I am glad I didn't make a decision today lol.. cos I just found these also.

#1 Is ink colour and I am pretty sure the pockets will sit a little lower on

#2. Is a Charcoal Grey and not my best colour, so would be be keen to
      see if it becomes available in black or ink.

#3.  Is one I have been waiting to arrive in store and I really like it.  Again 
     it's ink not black and the cable knit of the body of the jacket is really

#4.  Is the one I posted earlier today.

I think it might be hard to only buy one lol.  Ooooh I love Winter clothes!!

BTW.. it's not about warmth, I travel by car and work in a heated office and shop so I spend minimal time out in the elements.

xxx Deborah


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WIW : EF Harems Sunday Styling:)

Hi Lovely Ladies,

I am besotted with these pants!!  Today is my first wearing of them.  I am not really doing much, popping in to see my MIL and then we will find somewhere to have a relaxed lunch (DH is on holidays so we are being naughty and skipping church today).

I have gone for a pretty casual styling inspired by Aliona's recent outfit.  It's getting cooler here so a top with a little more coverage is good for today.  I cannot wear turtle necks so my version is this higher drapey neckline. I bought this in black and soft grey recently from Temt!  Motto belt and Target sandals (which I am living in at the moment).

If I am organised enough, I will try to put together an outfit with the harems for Tuesday when I am back at my office job.  Thinking a crisper short top and jacket and heels.

Ok so over to you.  What do you think?  Oh my DH said he was very happy that I was so pleased with them lol... reading between the lines anyone?!?  He is a sweetie :)  and always encourages me to wear what I like.

Thanks for taking a peek.

Also, Angie is so right about having patience.  I have wanted these ever since they first appeared on the forum. I did buy a very cheap knock off on line but they were awful and I never actually wore them out of the house.   I am so pleased now that I waited until I could get the 'real deal'.  The quality, the cut, everything is just so fab.

xxx Deborah


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