WIW : When Christmas Came Early.

Happy Weekend Fabbers!

My mum and sister arrived today to spend an early Christmas with us. Mum is staying on for a week and we will be with us on Christmas Day but my sister will head home late tomorrow.

We had a Christmas Dinner this evening and exchanged gifts.

#1 is what I wore today. Jersey dress with cowl neck, racer back and asymmetric hem. Warm but not too hot. In doors, so no shoes :) I love going barefoot.

#2 /#3/#4 the bag my sister gave me for Christmas (I love it) It's from " Things Terrific", lovely soft leather, stunning.

#5/#6 the bag my sister bought herself (DKNY) for Christmas :)

# the lego my sister gave Master 10. He spent the afternoon building it.. apparently it's "awesome"!

Thanks for looking.

xxx Deborah

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  • Debra replied 6 years ago

    How lovely to have your Mum and Sister visiting :) I love your new bag, I think DS knows you well and master 10 looks pretty happy there.
    Enjoy this precious time and have a great Christmas :)

  • cheryle (Dianthus) replied 6 years ago

    Love the bag and I think it suits your minimalist style very nicely.

    Master 10 is a cutie.

  • replied 6 years ago

    Your new bag is lovely!

    I foresee lots of Lego City in our future too.

  • Mochi replied 6 years ago

    What a gorgeous bag. Sounds like a wonderful tine with family. Everyone looks happy and great.

  • anne replied 6 years ago

    Wow that Lego is amazing! Your dress looks comfy and stylish.

  • Aquamarine replied 6 years ago

    It *is* a stunning bag. Its simplicity just showcases the beautiful leather. And you look lovely and elegant as usual....Enjoy the visit with your family.

  • viva replied 6 years ago

    Love the holiday pics - your dress is lovely (I adore racerbacks so am sure I would just love the back of this!!!) and the bag seems perfectly chosen for you!
    Have a wonderful time with your family and the legos.

  • replied 6 years ago

    What a gorgeous dress. I flows beautifully and you look very elegant. the bags you and your sister had are great and DS looks well chuffed!

  • amiable replied 6 years ago

    So completely lovely!  That bag is stunning!  I need to find some black leather to play with....  (I have a leather scraps bin, but everything is brown)

  • Shirley replied 6 years ago

    Your sister knows you well. And I guess you two have different styles/color preference? Happy Christmas!

  • shevia replied 6 years ago

    Ah yes, lego city. My son loves that series too. 

    Love the perfect drapey dress and your sister definitely gets your style - that bag is just terrific for you. 

  • Angie replied 6 years ago

    It's fun when Xmas comes early. Your dress is killer beautiful Debs, and the bag a fabulous modern complement. Master 10 looks like a match made in heaven with his lego set. Happy days. xo

  • Deborah replied 6 years ago

    Thanks ladies:). My lovely sister did ask for some "direction" so I sent her some inspiration pics;). And yes our styles couldn't be more different:). I gave her something from "Pandora". Her style is very classic and conservative and she always looks lovely. At the.moment she is very keen on nude and pink tones:).

  • CocoLion replied 6 years ago

    I love that you love being barefoot!  And all along I thought of you as Anna Wintour who is so perfectly polished I could not see Anna or you going barefoot.

    The new bag is so "you"; your family knows you well.  I must admit I am relieved to read the pink bag is not yours but your sister's (I always look at the pictures first).

    Great look for Christmas too!  It is so fun when our attires are polar opposites during each respective Summer and Winter Solstice.  Enjoy your longest day of the year while I will enjoy my shortest.

  • Lyn D. replied 6 years ago

    Oh, that bag is so nice Deborah- and red lining too!
    I always like the idea of spreading Christmas cheer over a few days rather than one, and you get to wear (and show us) more festive outfits as well.
    Happy Christmas to you and your family! 

  • Sveta replied 6 years ago

    Lovely dress, Deborah and how nice it is to be barefoot on Christmas <she saying pulling on think woolen socks and sheepskin slippers>
    Ah, I remember those happy days when Lego was the best Christmas gift for my boys! Life was much simpler then...
    Love your new bag too!
    Merry Christmas!

  • Caro in Oz replied 6 years ago

    Love the dress & bare feet :) Great bag(s) too. Master Ten looks very happy with his Lego - it's my grandson's favourite too.

    Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.

  • Gracie replied 6 years ago

    You look so elegant and comfortable in the dress, your hair looks amazing as usual. I have a very similar bag to your new one, perhaps a bit smaller, and I wear it cross body style. Master 10 is a quick Lego builder! So nice to have several Christmas celebrations with the family, enjoy!

  • LACeleste replied 6 years ago

    These pictures are wonderful!  You look gorgeous and your son is adorable!

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    You look gorgeous in the dress, and the bag is a superb essential for you. Love your sister's choice as well. As for Master 10, well, he is building memories! 

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