WIW: Cobalt and Stripes

Hi Ladies,

Finally debuting my new striped jacket. I fell in love with this jacket and was very excited to see how good Lyn D looks in hers:)


Given this jacket falls at the widest part of my hip, I have been a little challenged with getting the right bottom layer and I'm hoping I have the proportions ok here.

I have discovered this cut of jacket seems to work best on me with skirts or straight leg pants.

I do think a slightly fitted jacket with nipped in waist is the best look for me bit it's nice to have the option of a different silhouette.

Thanks for looking and your thoughts and suggestions much appreciated.


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  • bj1111 replied 11 years ago

    so great. that striped jacket is already a workhorse!

  • annagybe replied 11 years ago

    Looks good

  • Caro in Oz replied 11 years ago

    Deborah, I think you look lovely (as always) but if you want to play - I know I always do - I would take off the necklace & try a thin cobalt or other bright coloured belt at the waist. Imo that would take the eye away from the outside of your body to the inside & also accent your waist.

  • Angie replied 11 years ago

    I hereby crown you Queen Always Gorgeous!

  • Deborah replied 11 years ago

    Caro you are a wise woman. Thank you. I will try that when I get home tonight. This skirt is one that I normally wear with a blouse untucked but perhaps I could belt the blouse over the skirt?

  • Deborah replied 11 years ago

    Gosh Angie, you are so lovely! If I may be so bold, I crown you Queen Encourager for your always kind, supportive and encouraging words.

  • pil replied 11 years ago

    That is pretty Deborah, I'm envious of how beautiful and feminine you always look : )
    I find the the gradation of the stripes draws my eyes vertically rather than settling on your area of concern.

  • rachylou replied 11 years ago

    Super polished and entrepreneurial looking!

  • cheryle (Dianthus) replied 11 years ago

    I have to start with this... OMG Deborah, you have amazing legs.

    I really love the outfit. I think the stripes work well with the cobalt. Love that cobalt too.

  • Day Vies replied 11 years ago

    I love love love this color combination especially with the graphic stripes. You look wonderful!

  • Mona replied 11 years ago

    Love this outfit. something about black and white and cobalt makes me sing.

  • Thistle replied 11 years ago

    So polished and refined!

    Perhaps it is my magpie speaking, but perhaps a bit of sparkle at the neck? Either a cobalt necklace as Carro recommended, or perhaps a contrasting color like coral to really bring the focus inside the stripes?

  • Sveta replied 11 years ago

    Deborah, this is a very elegant look and proportions look just fine to me.
    And of course I cannot avoid to like any outfit with cobalt in it :-)

  • Transcona Shannon replied 11 years ago

    I don't know how you do it day after day Deborah - you always look so put together and positively stunning. You have amazing style.

  • catgirl replied 11 years ago

    This is such a perfect color combo - I may copy with my cobalt dress tomorrow. :)

  • lyn67 replied 11 years ago

    I like the new siloutte, you cannot go wrong with such a quality item, and of course, the cobalt skirt:-)

  • Deborah replied 11 years ago

    Thanks so much for your feedback. I am thrilled you all feel the proportions are working here. I have been concerned I may have made a mistake buying this jacket. My next attempt is going to be the jacket over my blue denim straight leg jeans...fingers crossed.

    Dianthus thanks for the lovely compliment. I have my mums legs...sounds funny I know but even now in her early 70's my mum has lovely slender legs.

    Thistle thanks for the suggestions. I will try them out.

    Una, hope to see your dress tomorrow..will be looking for your post:)

    So much love for cobalt at the moment:). I have four things in cobalt, this skirt, a blouse/tunic, jeans and crop (don't tell Angie) pants but none of the cobalts are quite the same! I was planning a column of cobalt but maybe it's not to be!

    And thank you all for your very kind comments. I am constantly overwhelmed by not only your outer beauty but you inner beauty expressed on your communications on the
    Forum xxx

  • Angie replied 11 years ago


    I humbly accept my royal coronation.

  • Kari replied 11 years ago

    You had me at the title alone, but the execution blows me away!

  • fashionista replied 11 years ago

    Lovely chic and beautiful.

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