WIW : An Old Fave

Happy Weekend Everyone:)

Well not so old but definitely a favourite. I am not sure why I haven't been wearing this draped cardigan this year. I wore it a lot last year and loved it!
Anyway, I was trying to avoid reaching for my cocoon cardigan "again" and popped this on. I immediately remembered why I bought it. Great drape, nice weight but still light (it has relatively sheer layers) and very easy to wear. I am so glad we have been reunited:)

Slow day today with a visit from my brother and sister in law in the morning and a coffee and catch up with a girlfriend this afternoon.

I felt like some "light" today, possibly because I am still getting over a head cold and I am feeling quite tired. All black never works as well if I am tired and looking it;).

Outfit is ponte leggings, new over the knee pull on boots (my second mid season refresher), cream tunic and black draped cardigan.

Thanks for looking! And in the wake of IK's recent thread, I am genuinely pleased to hear all constructive comments. I know my love of wearing black is not everyone's cup of tea but thoughts on proportions, layers etc are always well received. I'm a sponge! Lol. And thank you for your friendship and always being here to share with and for always having fun with fashion with me x


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  • Lyn D. replied 9 years ago

    Well Deborah, as now I have your permission to be brutally honest…… I hate to say that I absolutely love this :) :)

    The cream top is perfect for lightening the whole effect and giving you a lovely glow, and the boots with their 2-tones are to-die-for!

    I do hope you are feeling back to normal very soon x

  • Debra replied 9 years ago

    Well I just love this :) the boots are super cool, I really like the two tone effect and everything is working together perfectly :) YLF

  • CocoLion replied 9 years ago

    It has occurred to me that since you've joined YLF, your style honing and change of haircut have combined to make your overall appearance look more youthful.  By about 10 years.  I believe you are in your 40s but you look to me like you're in your 30s nowadays.  Hope that came off adequately as constructive criticism.  ;-)

  • crutcher replied 9 years ago

    Hope your cold is better...
    I find your look is just spot on...In the light of the discussion, I am hesitant to say you look wonderful for fear of sounding disengenuous...So here I go...you do look wondeful and I love black...

  • Deborah replied 9 years ago

    Ladies, you are all so funny!

    Lyn, I wondered what was coming lol.

    Debra, thank you:). I have had my eye on the boots for ages and they went on sale so I figured it was meant:)

    Denise, I am not going to pretend I dont like being told I look younger than I am:). I love it lol. I turn 50 next year. Your comment is most adequately constructive... Thank you;)

    Crutcher thank you. I don't think you could ever be disingenuous. Your comments are always thoughtful and considered, and I'm always happy to receive compliments too lol.

  • Transcona Shannon replied 9 years ago

    You know I love your all black outfits but I will admit it makes me positively giddy when I see some white thrown in. Black and white is a stellar combination on you.

    The new boots are great. They are a mix of leather and suede, no! Nice bit of texture.

    Hope you and Master 11 are starting to get over your colds :)

  • Suz replied 9 years ago

    I am in love with the new boots! Very very cool. I love the combined texture. A question -- do you think they may be easier to fit than to-the-knee boots? I have such a bear of a time with those, I'm wondering if the over-the-knee might be a touch more forgiving? 

    I love the white vertical lines and the tapered drape of the white top -- it looks incredibly fresh on you. #5 is gorgeous!! Love just that peek of white at the bottom. :)

    Hope you are feeling better soon. 

  • Golden replied 9 years ago

    Love it, you look fantastic!

  • Neel replied 9 years ago

    I am with Lyn D. I will be brutally honest and just say you look super adorable in blacks! I wish that color looked as good on me! That drapey cardi can't go missing again. Please wear it often!

  • Angie replied 9 years ago


    You had me with the addition of white to the outfit. xo

  • frannieb replied 9 years ago

     I love this look and love how you play with proportions and texture. Those boots are wonderful.
    You are one of my inspirations for working through finding a style/silhouette that are consistently my look.

  • annagybe replied 9 years ago

    I really like the lines of the white top.

  • Joyce B replied 9 years ago

    The drape with the contrast looks fabulous. You took care of every detail, including the mixed media leggings.

  • LACeleste replied 9 years ago

    Omg. Debbie Harry is alive and well and looking gorgeous in Australia! The white top is so lovely on you Deborah.

  • viva replied 9 years ago

    Deborah, your posts are the perfect example of WIWs I absolutely seek out and look forward to, but which I would never presume to critique. Why? Because your style is at the polar opposite end of mine, and I don't know anything about the drape and proportion of arty layers. All I can do is admire. And I do, every time. I get emotional fashion inspiration from you, if that makes sense. So thanks for that. :)

    This outfit is fantastic -- I love the rocker chic of pic 1 and your sassiness in pic 5. And those boots are so cute. I could work those into a tomboy look in a hot minute.

  • Vicki replied 9 years ago

    Even with a cold, you look amazing! You dress in a dramatic way, which I admire and could never pull off. The cream top and the reunited cardigan are brilliant pieces together and I love how the latter drapes, wraps and ties. Wow, can you strike a pose!

  • E replied 9 years ago

    I love how you wear drapey layers like this & you always seem to nail the proportions. :D And even with the black & white drama, my eyes still go to your face first: you *own* your look. What cool new boots! The white is so brightening too: I hope you're completely recovered from your cold soon. It was fun seeing the wrapped up variation in 5. 

  • Alana in Canada replied 9 years ago

    Now, that's a white tunic I can get behind (and unto, assuming it comesin my size!)
    I love how the white brightens things up.

    Do you mind if I ask you--do you wear those boots in the house? Did you have them on while your guests were over, for instance?

  • Hil replied 9 years ago

    Love. That's all ;)

  • gryffin replied 9 years ago

    Stunning!!  I love the whole outfit!  The drape on the cardi is gorgeous and I love the tunic, very EF.  Those boots are fantastic - like the SW 50/50's but I like the (is it suede/leahter) combo.  Wonderful!!

  • amiable replied 9 years ago

    I'm swooning!

  • Niefern replied 9 years ago

    You look fab! I have a question though: if it is cool season in Australia now, what kind of topper do you wear with this outfit? I'm guessing all jackets are out ... ?

  • lyn67 replied 9 years ago

    Oh, wow!!!! I cannot end to admire the perfect textures, drapes and arty layers on you, Debs! My God, you surely are an expert in all these! Love the new boots!  YLabsolutelyF, and am brutally honest here, if you know what I mean:-))

    Oh, and came back to say, I also love the adition of some whites here! All black wouldn't show off that well all those tricky layers and cuts so, I think the  white tunic is the soul of the outfit here:-).

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