Hi Ladies,

Over the last 6 months I have successfully acquired two HEWI's, one being these white pants and the other my Motto coated jersey jacket.

Today for church and some errands I wore my latest HEWI, my white pants.

Pants : Valley Girl (!)
Cami : Motto
Draped Top : Metalicus
Betty Belt : Motto
Sandals : Rivers

I have shared before just how hard and how long I searched for white pants.  Buying a few pairs before finally finding 'the' pair. Upon arriving at church this morning a girlfriend commented how great I looked in white pants!  Thus confirming (I hope) that it's worth waiting for your perfect item.

I normally wear these full length but rolled to day to show off the girly shoe;)

I was wondering how everyone else's HEWI searches are going?

xxx Deborah

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  • Murph11 replied 8 years ago

    Beautiful, Deborah! Clearly, worth the wait!

  • Deborah replied 8 years ago

    Thanks so much Murpheleven:) 

  • Elizabeth P replied 8 years ago

    Oh my gosh you are looking absolutely incredible these days. Welcome to the world of white pants! These are perfect for you.

  • Sal replied 8 years ago

    Worth waiting for and an example of "leaving no retail stone unturned!".  You look great!

    I don't know if I have a HEWI.  An interesting timeless winter (but not too heavy or warm)coat that is affordable, dressy (could wear out to a restaurant or to a work meeting) that works with black.  It might be black, it might not.

    I need to put this at the top of the priority list next Autumn/winter.  I leave it too late, then run out of budget, then think maybe I will wait to the sales.  I have done this two years in a row and have not replaced my aging brown tweed.

  • Meow replied 8 years ago

    I love seeing your church ensembles. You definitely don't look like the Church Ladies I know! :) I love you in the white pants. I'm surprised that it was a HEWI.

  • Meow replied 8 years ago

    Forgot to answer my HEWI - dressy black boots that have a 2" heel that are comfortable to walk in that fit my small ankle and high volume foot. There's so many black boots out there that you think this wouldn't be a HEWI. Same as your white pants - sometimes too many options makes it harder to sift though all the choices.

  • Jaime replied 8 years ago

    Beautiful! Everything is just right. I have no HEWIs except the one I will probably remember the moment I hit submit.

  • unfrumped replied 8 years ago

    Very nice indeed!
    It makes me think, how to keep some idea or ideal of what I'm looking for , so I'll know it when I see it and also know what's NOT it. Did you " just know" these were the ones?

  • Deborah replied 8 years ago

    unfrumped, I knew I wanted white pants but it wasn't until I tried these that I was 99% sure they were the ones:)  It was a combination of the fit, the fabric (it is substantial and has stretch), the tone of white, and the comfort. These met all my criteria and so far haven't disappointed:)

  • Firecracker (Sharan) replied 8 years ago

    Nicely done! the outfit is so fresh and fabulous on you, Deborah. I'm inspired by your patience in finding the right white pants.

    At least since last year, and maybe the year before, around holiday time, I have had in mind that I would like to have a tuxedo-type jacket. I had my eye on a Helmut Lang one online that looked gorgeous. However, it wasn't the kind of thing I wanted to spend a lot on (nor did I want to spend my time making one), because truth be told, I'm not sure how much I'd actually wear it. So I've been keeping an eye out for a style and price that I like. Today I found one. It's a simple black jacket that has a subtle tuxedo vibe, and it was very inexpensive, at an outlet store. So we'll see if I actually have the urge to wear it in creating any outfits this holiday season (or beyond)!

  • Deborah replied 8 years ago

    Firecracker, your jacket sounds very cool. I hope you will show us??!?

  • Firecracker (Sharan) replied 8 years ago

    Thanks, Deborah. Yes, when I have a chance to try it out with some things, I will!

  • Mellllls replied 8 years ago

    Love your outfit. What does HEWI stand for?

  • Adelfa replied 8 years ago

    Hi Mellllls, HEWI stands for Highly Elusive Wardrobe item. It's something you've looked for a lot but haven't found yet.

    Deb, you look wonderful! Right now I have a vague HEWI of indoor toppers for winter. I don't like blazers, fear I've overdone waterfall cardigans, know I've relied on black too much, am not sure about leather jackets--what's left?

  • Deborah replied 8 years ago

    Adelpha I am hearing you.  Sometimes I feel like I have 'done it all' and need something completely new lol.

  • Helen11 replied 8 years ago

    This is really sharp black and white! I can't believe the pants are Valley-girl.
    Love the belt, too.

  • Summer replied 8 years ago

    The white pants are just perfect, as is the whole outfit.
    My HEWI is the same as Sarah's: dressy black boots with a small heel.  I just want something completely plain and classic with no bells and whistles - how can that be so hard?

  • Deborah replied 8 years ago

    Helen 11 can you believe I had money to spend and was prepared to "invest" in a really good quality pair white pants and I couldn't find anything! Walked into Valley Girl and they were perfect and on sale for $20.00!!

  • shedev replied 8 years ago

    Very nice, the white jeans were worth waiting for.

  • Beth Ann replied 8 years ago

    Woohoo!  Love your new britches!  White pants are, indeed, tricky to purchase.  You can not compromise on fit, or fabrication, because it will not end well if you do!

    My HEWI hunts are temporarily suspended.  I'm still trying to figure out what my work will be like in my new community, and that's taking more time than I had anticipated. As you know, the kind of work we do has serious impact upon our wardrobe needs!

    You're looking beautiful this summer, Deborah!

  • Maneera replied 8 years ago

    You look lovely, Deb. These pants have a stellar fit! And I absolutely love love love those sandals! So so pretty <3

  • abc replied 8 years ago


  • Joy replied 8 years ago

    Deborah, you look amazing in your new white pants. You will find many ways to wear them.
    My long-running HEWI is a comfortable pair of tomato red flats. A newer one is a sheer black silky button-down shirt to replace an old thrifted one and black leather pants, again to replace a pair I gave away earlier this fall ( got too tight in the waist). I may have found come coated black jeans to replace the leather pants for now.

  • Sveta replied 8 years ago

    Incredible is the right word! Love the hair too!
    My HEWI is non black Canadian winter worthy non-gear boots (flat or very low heel). So far it still remains HEWI for several years...:-(

  • Angie replied 8 years ago


    White is SOOOOOO good with the black. Fresh, crisp and alive. 

  • Suz replied 8 years ago

    Fabulous!! The pants look amazing on you and I also love the shoes. You look killer gorgeous. So glad you've found your HEWIs. There is nothing quite like that feeling!! 

    I have some HEWIs of my own..."my" perfect culottes...(still searching)...
    a navy moto jacket....the perfect non-black winter ready boots (waving at Sveta...)

  • Cococat replied 8 years ago

    Wow, your new white pants look fab with the black top and belt. What a great look and so nice when you can find treasures at Valley Girl.

    I wish I could remember what HEWI means. :)

  • Deborah replied 8 years ago

    Coco ... Highly Elusive Wardrobe Item xxx

  • Lucy replied 8 years ago

    Perfection! I adore the fabulous pants with those shoes, and both will be versatile for you in coming months! 

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