September Update

Hi Ladies,

Mostly to amuse myself, I thought I would keep a daily diary of my no shopping September!

September 1
 My Metalicus Top arrived today (ordered end of August) and its so fab.  I love it and will wear it tomorrow.  The fabric is beautiful and the "oversized' size is perfect.  It's lovely to have something new:)  I can imagine this working with so many of my bottoms. Now I want it in Blue!  Oh and Metalicus very kindly sent my August Rewards Voucher.. it has to be used by end of September...Lyn D said it would be ok if I bought something right at the end of the month.  If Lyn thinks its ok, then so do I ;)

September 2
Busy day at work.  Time spent on YLF, should have been working.  Loving seeing what everyone is thinking for Fall but no real desire to shop.  Carolbee sent me details on the fab black shrug she found but I refrained from popping over to the Marketplace to check it out.

September 3
No time to think about clothes.  Community Meal today and only 4 volunteers turned up.  People sick and away.  We managed, but we worked hard.  Then, Meeting with K re fundraiser fashion parade.  Got my fix going through the preloved clothing set aside for the parade. Found some amazing animal print wedge booties (Wayne Cooper) ...W A N T  T H E M... C A N T  H A V E
T H E M!!  Strategising how they can be mine!  Put them in the parade and I'll buy them on the night ... that could work.  Thoughts of clothing were quickly washed away after I dropped my iphone in the toilet late this afteroon!! Frantically took my phone to the Smartphone shop, where it is as I type.  New home button and camera but otherwise in full working order phew....*sigh* well there's $80 that wont be going on clothes :(  The upside of this day is my new "Layer'd" dress arrived (ordered in August).  Love it.  Can't wait til it is warm enough to wear it.  No more clothing on order.... starting to feel jittery!  

xxx Deborah

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  • Caro in Oz replied 6 years ago

    Stay strong & think of your RO harem shorts :) :)

  • jenanded replied 6 years ago

    Deborah you crack me up! As the queen of rationalisation, you are right, some outfits are technically last month's buys and you are so strong to wait 'til later' for the other pieces... Keep the good work up!

  • Sharon replied 6 years ago

    You are very funny! Deep breath in......and out.... Looking forward to seeing you model the new arrivals.

  • Sterling replied 6 years ago

    Keep calm and don't shop.  Re-read your earlier post that details your strategy going forward.  That may help.  

  • Deb replied 6 years ago

    You're hilarious!! Glad you love the August buys and that you can resuscitate your phone.

  • gryffin replied 6 years ago

    Deborah - as caro said, "stay strong" and now is the time to really research RO etc and see what special piece you want to save for!! I've been reading "into mind" and I like her reminder to do the what I call the "5 minute fire drill wardrobe" to really hone in on the most important pieces (from Scruples 2 - talk about blast from the past!!). Plus I like her basic/midrange/statement concept. I think if I concentrate more on on dissecting how my wardrobe works it will reframe my thoughts and help me concentrate on, not only using what I have but helping me define what I need (and keep me from surfing and the "wantsies") Don't know if that would be helpful for you but that's where my mind is right now!! I'm with you on saving for the "special" and not frittering!! Sounds like you have lots of new nice things, and definitely you should plan to spend your voucher before it expires so you'll have something to look forward to!!

  • Thistle replied 6 years ago

    So sorry about your phone! Stay strong, you can do it!

  • carolbee replied 6 years ago

    Oh, this is going to be very interesting reading. Hope you are going to publish your journal for the whole month....

  • abc replied 6 years ago

    I can't wait for the next installment of your "diary"

    I like your photo, it is funny but true.  I tried a while back to shop less, ok, I admit I signed up for no shopping per YLF, but what happened was that it caused me to think more about my purchases.  I did break the ban but what I broke it for was a way better thought out purchase than my typical "want it gotta have it" impulse buy.  So maybe if nothing else this month can serve that purpose for you?

  • Transcona Shannon replied 6 years ago

    Ok...this was a very entertaining read Deb :) but I get the point behind it too . Stay strong my friend and think of the big prize at the end.

    Glad your phone was ok :)

  • catgirl replied 6 years ago

    Dropping electronics is always a good way to keep yourself from shopping!  Good job so far....  :)

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    Hahahah!! Hilarious! 

    But I am hardly one to laugh, since the moment September arrived I had placed a J. Crew order!! 


  • crutcher replied 6 years ago

    Maybe the Universe is sending you a rather specific message re/shopping...Transmitted to you through a dropped phone in the water...Guess I would listen...Never tell how the Universe will respond learned..lessons taught...

  • Lyn D. replied 6 years ago

    And September is a short month Deborah :)
    Sounds like you are going to be busy busy too- all good!

    You are inspiring me to wait until after Father's Day for a possible $ reduction on my navy trench- this is harder than it seems!

  • texstyle replied 6 years ago

    SSS - Stay Strong September - it's only a few weeks. Keep reminding yourself that you already have something just like that new thing. Well, that's what I try to do at least. Works sometimes.

  • Deborah replied 6 years ago

    Ladies, thank you!  You are wonderful friends and supporters.

    Lyn stalk that trench carefully, it was made for you :)

    Im on track, but did wake up with a headache... do you think that's a shopping withdrawal symptom????

  • Gracie replied 6 years ago

    I enjoy reading your daily reports. Stay strong, enjoy wearing what you have, it's all fab!

  • jackiec replied 6 years ago

    Phew - so far so good! At least you have your August purchases arriving to take the ease off of the withdrawal...and, yes, I think you have a headache from withdrawal.

    oh your poor phone :(

  • Lantana replied 6 years ago

    Deborah, I cannot believe you dropped your phone in the loo again! I had to check to make sure this wasn't an old post.
    All power to you with your big challenge. (but those shoes...)

  • Lyn D. replied 6 years ago

    Thanks Deborah- it came up 'low in stock' this morning so I bought!
    Stay Strong :) :)

  • Firecracker replied 6 years ago

    Trying to flush your phone down the toilet is rather extreme, but whatever it takes, Deborah. (kidding)

    Way to go. Only 26 more days. . . .It just occurred to me that I probably failed on Ascetic August because it was a 31-day month. Hey, if September doesn't work out, how about next February?!

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