K/R Black Ankle boots

Hi Fabbers,

As per an earlier real time post today, I bought these boots while out grocery shopping with DH. They are a little reminiscent of the Acne Pistol Boots which I have always quietly coveted:)

So here they are for your consideration.

In the earlier post (where I wasn't wearing them), Shannon asked it if I needed them, Anna mentioned that her Pistols hug her ankle and Gigi pointed out that the round toe can be quite stumpifying...all really excellent points to consider.

So, they are more of a want than a need, however I wear my Hush Puppies Black ankle boots all the time. They have a wedge heel that is about 4 to 5 cm high, a round toe and I adore them. At Winters end I will be taking them to the shoe man for a "service". I have been wanting a second black ankle boot with a higher heel and a slightly different look. These have a heel of 7.5cm, are comfy and quite sleek but still a little more substantial than the HP's.

These don't quite hug my ankle, but I am ok with that. I have skinny ankles and don't mind some room as long as it is not too much. And I have included side shots to check out the length. What do you think?

I have photographed them with leggings as this is how I would frequently wear them. I may wear them with a bare leg and dress in Spring. Please excuse my legs! I forgot I had my leggings tucked into my sock hose because I have been wearing OTK boots today and it stops the legging pulling up when I put the boots on...took me a minute to work out what was going on with my legs in the pics lol.

I think I am keeping them, so please let me know if you think I shouldn't.

They also had the same boot in a camel tone *sigh* so tempted! but keep telling myself the colour is too warm for me;)

Thanks for your thoughts, and for taking a look.


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  • Lyn D. replied 9 years ago

    This is why I don't go to Aldi weekly :)
    You were lucky to score these- I remember advertised leather handbags selling out very quickly.

    They look good Deborah- my only pause would be the heel height.
    Perhaps try them out at home to test for comfort?

    I think the black is a good choice due to their overall height too.

  • T replied 9 years ago

    OMG! they are so gorgeous! Not only would I totally keep them, I would def buy the brown one also. I can't comment on if they are too warm for your skintone though. Not really an expert in that.

    I am a boots fan! I have like whatever is the opposite of "poison eye" for them. Despite living in a hot humid country where ppl prefer to wear open flat slipper kind of shoes, I wear my booties with cotton ankle socks & pride! :) I have booties in regular black, tan, cream as well as a purple pair.

  • Ingunn replied 9 years ago

    I think they are perfect ankle boots for your style, so if the heels are ok for you, I'd say keep! They must be versatile and they are very flattering.

  • Deborah replied 9 years ago

    The height is fine for me. I find a stacked high heel provides enough support. I couldn't be on my feet all day in these but for a regular work day they will should be very comfy, I have been wearing them on the carpet today.

    Lyn we do our groceries at Aldi and I always take a peek at any leather goods but up till now they haven't been that impressive. The handbags they had recently sold like hot cakes but I didn't think much of the leather quality wasn't great. These are a vast improvement.

    As Angie says, leave no retail stone unturned;)

  • carolbee replied 9 years ago

    I think these will be fab for you. I'll enjoy them on you, no way could I wear a heel that high lol.

  • Deborah replied 9 years ago

    Carole did you ever find your boots? I have found a couple of pairs that looked gorgeous for you but each had heels that I knew were two high:(

  • gryffin replied 9 years ago

    The perfect black dress bootie - simple and elegant.  As long as they are comfy, I think they are a super score.  Sometimes you just need the height and something sleek!!  BTW, I'm sitting here in black tunic and leggings!!  But off to put my jophur boots on!!

  • replied 9 years ago

    Pretty boots! Great find for you.

  • krishnidoux replied 9 years ago

    They look really good. Not stumpifying, because of the angle the heel gives them and it's the style. 

    Major question:
    Are they comfortable?

    If you already have a black pair, and if they are comfortable, why not dare and get the caramel colored ones? It might open up tons of possibilities for your wardrobe.

  • crutcher replied 9 years ago

    OK...I am the odd  man out...I love the black boots and definitely think you should keep them and wear them and continue to look absolutely fabulous in them...However, I don't like the camel boots...They just don't speak to me..I think you made the most right choice of all and should walk away from the camel boots maybe waving a little good by wave..smile..

  • unfrumped replied 9 years ago

    Wow, those look really good.
    I probably would not dupe in the brown as it won't translate quite the same , as tonal black boots and leggings, and you don't specifically need that color for your palette and Bookending.

  • bj1111 replied 9 years ago

    No camel, but then I have a hard time with shoes that are a lighter color than the hem.

    Also I am normally not a fan of boots like these because of the ankle gap. These however look very very sleek on you and definitely within your style.

    Back to the camel. A departure but maybe you would like to move in that direction or wear for the summer coming. How will you wear it?

  • replied 9 years ago

    I like them a lot for your style.  

  • lyn67 replied 9 years ago

    Haven't read the comments yet, but I love them! Love the shape of the heels and that they are still substantial, love the shape of the bootie's backs (the  leather part is so shapely comming in above the heels), and I don't have any problems with  rounded/almond toes(esp with skinnies or leggings). I have 2 simillar shaped black booties for winter (one just below the ankle leather and  another higher on ankles suede ones, for  dressier occasions) and I am considering to buy a new pair this season, same shape, but  brown heels for lighter outfits(S'Oliver)-so I can understand the love. I say keep!:-)

  • Traci replied 9 years ago

    These are great on you.  One thousand percent keep!  

    I also love the camel colored ones, but I can't see them mixing with the rest of your wardrobe.  I'd only get them if  you're planning on bringing in more lights and warm colors, not with your current palette.  

    I'm still blown away that you got these at Aldi.  It's obviously a different store overseas than it is here.

  • Jaime replied 9 years ago

    These booties look gorgeous on you and if they are comfortable they are a sure keeper!

  • dianne replied 9 years ago

    They look fantastic on your foot and you seem really excited about them- I would definitely keep them!!

  • cheryle (Dianthus) replied 9 years ago

    I am a definite KEEP.  I think the shape is elongating and not stumpifying in any way and they fit at the ankle quite nicely.  You wear black a lot so they fit your style and they are pretty.  I like a nicely shaped stacked heel.

    I am not as sure about the camel fitting in well with your style but I am not as good as others at remembering what everyone has.  :(

  • Transcona Shannon replied 9 years ago

    Despite my earlier question, absolutely KEEP!!! They look fabulous on you Deb and I really like the shape and sleekness of them.

  • Angie replied 9 years ago

    Totally perfect. xo

  • jackiec replied 9 years ago

    I think they look gorgeous on you :)

    As nice as the camel ones are, I think A) the colour (not saying all camels - but this one) does not suit your palette and B) they don't look as sleek as the black ones and for that reason don't suit your aesthetic. Just my opinion ;)

    But keep the black!

  • Kimberley replied 9 years ago

    Hi Deborah ~

    I think the black ones are gorgeous!  They will fit well into your wardrobe and they are not stumpifying at all! 

    To be honest, the camel ones give me pause....While I love the warm colour, I don't see them fitting into your wardrobe as readily.  Maybe that's just me, though.

  • replied 9 years ago

    Hmm - groceries and boots. What an interesting retail combination :)  I quite like it.  In all seriousness though, the boots are lovely, a great interpretation of the Pistols and Rag& Bone ones, and look like good leather.  They appear to fit you really  nicely, and I see no reason not to have them.  Have no opinion on the camel, never having seen you in anything other than black :)

  • annagybe replied 9 years ago

    They work.

  • catgirl replied 9 years ago

    They're great!  A little like the Rag & Bone ones too... Nice find!

  • Echo replied 9 years ago

    I LOVE these boots. They are the perfect, sleek, simple booties. Only you can decide if the camel would work with your wardrobe, but they certainly would be a lot more work to put in an outfit, IMO. 

  • Parsley replied 9 years ago

    Those look perfect for you, Deborah!
    I'm struggling, though, trying to imagine the camel ones with your wardrobe. How would you have in mind to wear them?

  • Gracie replied 9 years ago

    These fit perfectly – I do not see too much roundness on the toe or gaping at the anke, they look like they're hugging you just right. And a 3" stacked heel is really doable in my book too. The tan ones will sort of bookend your hair, no?

  • AJ replied 9 years ago

    Keepers for sure!

    I am curious why the camel color even tempts you since your wardrobe is predominantly black?

  • Tierra replied 9 years ago

    Keep!  I love them.  Very true to your style.  I think try the other color too.  ;-)

  • carolbee replied 9 years ago

    No, I didn't get any boots this winter. They were a want not a need. And to be honest our winter has been quite mild, we were away for 6 weeks when all the worst weather happened and since we got home its been more like spring. I've hardly worn any of my other ankle boots ....

  • Caro in Oz replied 9 years ago

    Keep for sure if they are comfy IMO.

  • SarahTheWhite replied 9 years ago

    I vote BOTH - but I am a terrible enabler... :-) These are terrific, in my opinion! I also love the detail of the shape of your top from the side view. I love how your outfits, while simple and strong, also have amazing detail that makes them special and unique. I think these boots would be a wonderful addition to that!

  • Gigi replied 9 years ago

    What an excellent fit! And I see no stumps. :) I vote keep.

    If you really like the brown ones, why not buy them and try to style them with some outfits? If they don't work out, you can always take them back.

  • Marley replied 9 years ago


  • Firecracker (Sharan) replied 9 years ago

    Definitely keepers. They look great on you. I'm not as fond of the camel ones; they don't look as pretty, at least in the photo. The leather doesn't look as lustrous as the black.

  • Deborah replied 9 years ago

    Thanks so much every one. I'm keeping the black boots and have given the box to master 11 (he loves it when I buy boots, cos you get big boxes). I am drawn to the camel simply because I love the colour and the boot style, but I think it is really a matter of liking it but I probably wouldn't wear it. It's that whole thing of discerning between what you simply like, and what you like for your own wardrobe:). Thanks for talking sense to me xxx

  • SarahTheWhite replied 9 years ago

    My son loves the boxes too!! If I didn't sneak into his room and pull out boxes when he isn't looking, his room would look like an episode of hoarders! :-)

  • Deborah replied 9 years ago

    Ha ha! Sarah mine too:).

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