Item One - Five Piece French Wardrobe!

Hi Ladies,

Some of you will know that I am attempting to embrace the concept of the Five Piece French Wardrobe.

So!  Here is my first purchase.  Please  note, not styled but anticipate I will be wearing it with skinny leg pants and simple top (just not the ones I have on).

It's a cocoon shaped jacket, in light grey. Warm enough to wear now with warm layers underneath and then perfect for Spring with lighter under layer.  It does need a press:)

I don't have anything similar to this and I am wanting to add soft grey into my wardrobe.  The idea with this is to add just  5 new (on trend/statement/special) items each season and I feel this meets the criteria.

Appreciate you taking a look and letting me know what you think.

Thanks so much
xxx Deborah

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  • Peri replied 8 years ago

    Okay, I just read your other post and got mean 5 new things, not passing on all your great clothes! This jacket is the kind of thing I'm looking for as a light winter coat, so yep, I like it!

  • Deborah replied 8 years ago

    Thanks Peri! Oh yes absolutely not getting rid of anything, just limiting new additions and being very thoughtful about them. Glad you like the jacket. I could see this look working for you;)

  • SarahTheWhite replied 8 years ago

    I'm with Peri - the idea of only 5 pieces gave me heart palpitations (and not the good kind!). :-) I LOVE this piece. I could live in something like that! I also really love it with those pants. It has great contrast and textural interest.

  • Elle replied 8 years ago

    Fabulous coat!  And the style and color should work well with the rest of your wardrobe.  What a great find.

  • Meow replied 8 years ago

    I love the idea of adding a soft grey color to your mostly black wardrobe. This jacket has great lines - I just wonder if it's a bit big? I know you lost some weight recently - maybe you need a smaller size?

  • anne replied 8 years ago

    I wonder the same as Sarah - this does seem bit to me too. I know it is the whole point of a cocoon look, but I'm still not sure about it.

  • Deborah replied 8 years ago

    Anne and Sarah, thank you! This is the smallest size and it is meant to be "oversized". I will press it and review it size wise;) I think smaller would not be a good fit over my hips tho, but definitely worth considering ;)

  • MsMaven replied 8 years ago

    My first reaction was that I love this, although it would not be one of my five pieces. Then I thought that maybe it is a wee bit too big for you, but you say it is the smallest size. The sleeves seem long and the overall size has a lot of fabric. I admit that my bias is towards more tailored items. I can't believe a smaller size wouldn't fit. 

    These days I'm trying to keep an open mind, so I will be interested in what you decide and what others say. I do admit it looks very cozy and would be nice to have handy on a windy, cold SF Bay Area winter day.

  • Brooklyn replied 8 years ago

    I am also not sure about the size. It does look a little big, especially when open. But I can appreciate that it is meant to be oversized. I love the colour and the texture. I can see it will be a very cosy and versatile piece. :)

  • Deborah replied 8 years ago

    Thanks ladies. Keen to see general consensus on size. I think I might have a look on Pinterest and see how this style is being worn. Some visual references might be helpful. I will double check re a XS;)

  • TraceyLiz65 replied 8 years ago

    I love the idea of just 5 new pieces per season once you've established a wardrobe of basics. Adding grey into your style is a wonderful idea and this is a great way to embrace that.

  • Deborah replied 8 years ago

    Ok so ladies some visuals of the cocoon shape in coats and jackets. Lots of room in the body and sleeve and narrows at the bottom. Does this help in assessing size? Just checked and I did buy the smallest size. I would be open to my dress maker tweaking if necessary:)

  • Marley replied 8 years ago

    Dramatic. Architectural.  Beautiful.  LOVE it!

  • carolbee replied 8 years ago

    Yes, yes, yes,, love it. The colour, the texture, yummy!

  • Summer replied 8 years ago

    It's a lovely first addition, Deborah.  That soft grey is wonderful on you and will work so beautifully with the rest of your wardrobe.  

  • Maneera replied 8 years ago

    I love it! It's so very YOU!

    Would love to see it styled with navy blue pants and a white blouse. This is THE PERFECT grey for your wardrobe, Deb. Lovely pick!

  • Style Fan replied 8 years ago

    I love the look on you.  I can't comment on the size.  That style is hard to figure out for me.  I do love the colour on you and I can see this working into your wardrobe so well. 
    I missed your original thread on the 5 piece French wardrobe.  I have been doing something like that as well.  I do enjoy my clothes more.

  • replied 8 years ago

    I was excited to see what your first piece was going to be.  The idea of Five-Piece French wardrobe very much intrigues me and I am eager to see how you incorporate the idea into your life.  

    I love it.  I love the color.  I love the texture.  It seems to me to be a great first piece.  Congratulations on your find. 

    Now a comment on the size.  I agree with posters that said it seemed too big.  That was my first thought as well.  I pushed that thought out of my mind though by rationalizing that I would wear it as a huge cozy piece.  It does look cozy.  

    Having the images helps.  I can see that this coat is meant to be hugely oversized.  Is this a piece that would quickly be out of style in a couple of years?  If that is the case, does that matter to you?  

  • Deborah replied 8 years ago

    Sterling thanks for the encouragement! I am very happy to have it tailored if necessary. I am going to have a closer look at fit tomorrow x

    Just adding that it's ok if it dates (not too quickly tho I hope ). These purchases are the ones that will be used to update my wardrobe whereas my essentials are the items I would particularly expect longevity from. Does that make sense? Having said that, I do expect longevity from most of my wardrobe given I am not that swayed much by trend, but the odd item like this which may have a shorter lifespan is fine;)

  • dakotacheryl replied 8 years ago

    Very versatile and can be worn over many does seem a little too big, but so do the inspiration photos.
    I think that when a lady is on the shorter end of the spectrum, these oversize looks are more dramatic.
    I vote keep if you like it!!

  • carter replied 8 years ago

    I think it's stunning on you, Deborah. My only hesitation is how long into the S/S season could you wear it? Without the 5 piece limit for the fashion season, it's a definite keep. With the limit though, I'd be hard-pressed to include an item I could only wear for part of the season.

  • Ornella replied 8 years ago

    I love the coat for you: the lines, the texture, the size, ( it comes) but I am not completely sold on this size on you as shown on your photos and the reason became clear when I saw the visuals: all of them have some neck-action going on, which is not the case with your photos. Necklines and collars in visuals seem to balance the cocoon effect and bring bottom and top halves of the outfit together. I hope it makes some sense as I am not sure I could explain it any clearer, in any case I'd like to see it styled the way you'd actually wear it to have better idea.
    The shopping outfit is fab btw, I did not comment on the other thread, with the hemlines and mixed media, simply fab.

  • christy replied 8 years ago

    What Marley said! I love it! It's stunning done up as in #5. I love the drama of it and it will be so handy to have a coat that will fit well over your roomier tops and slim bottoms.

  • Angie replied 8 years ago

    I echo, Marley. Do make sure it's the right size though, Debs. Enjoy your fab new piece!

  • replied 8 years ago

    I really like it - the shade of grey, the length, and the softness of the silhouette.  I admit to first thinking it was too big on you, but I do understand the whole oversize cocoon look is the intent.  It's a tough one to comment on (that silhouette) because it's not traditionally flattering to the body.  To my eye then, and keeping that in mind, I almost think it could be more exaggerated in size to make it look intentional.  Interesting fit issue.

    All that said - I'm on the search for a grey jacket or coat this fall and winter  and was spending time on Pinterest last night seeing what was trending in street photos.  (thanks, btw, for now making me obsessed with finding crystal skull drop earrings)  I'm also very much interested in the 5 piece theory.  When I'm able to focus my attention on my closet soon, I am most definitely making a plan like this. 

  • Jenn replied 8 years ago

    I love it, Deb. I enjoy oversized fits (I actually agree with Lisa that you could go even bigger) and think this looks great. Either way, it will definitely look intentional, especially when you're wearing fewer layers beneath, come this spring. Hooray for conscious buying!

  • Gaylene replied 8 years ago

    Well, I love architectural shapes, especially for statement pieces. The whole point of a cocoon shape is to be roomy on top. Downsizing to get a tighter fit throws off the design to my eye. But fit in an oversized piece is subjective, especially when seeing the item in a static state, like a picture.

    For what It's worth, I'm with Marley. I love the drama of this jacket on you.

  • Cerinda replied 8 years ago

    I love the fit and volume!  Also that the piece has both body and drape.  What on earth is it made of?  Is it really, really thick?

  • Lyn D. replied 8 years ago

    I will be following your 5 piece journey with interest Deborah!

  • catgirl replied 8 years ago

    I'm a big fan of oversized, so I love it as is.  :)

  • Deborah replied 8 years ago

    Ladies thank you! I have had a good look and I believe this is the right size. I suspect that it's tricky to photograph and real life brings a different dimension. Tags are off and I'm wearing it today.

  • Transcona Shannon replied 8 years ago

    Deb - I'm late to this thread but had to chime in and say that I love this piece for you. I love the light colour to pair with your black and ink items. I adore the fit and lack of high collar, which works beautifully with your pretty face and fabulous hair.

    I do feel the size is right for the style.

    Carry on with your fabulous self! :)

  • shedev replied 8 years ago

    I love it for your style, Deb. The cocoon style has been super on trend, but I don't think it will date really quickly for you because your style transcends trendiness.

  • Isabel replied 8 years ago

    What a great concept !  I also went back and read your original post on this :  I think that it is a brilliant way for you to manage your wardrobe and satisfy your need for some "updates".   This piece is just a fantastic way to kick it off, IMO.   It looks incredibly modern, the color is dynamite and it is very you.   Great choice.  : ) 

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