White on White Inspiration

Saw this on Garance Dore's blog today.  Thought this outfit was just stunning.

Just had to share.


New Hair

Hi Fabbers,

Thanks so much for your kind encouragement on my thread yesterday. It might sound silly but going short was a really scary prospect for me. I can't recall whose thread it was a few days ago about having a pixie cut but she totally nailed my concerns about going shorter... will I look 'big' against the shorter do, will my face look masculine and how 'exposed' will I feel.

So here is the unveiling. Washed and styled by moi this morning. Taking a quick look at recent photos and then these, I *think* I love it. I will just mention that I am feeling a touch sensitive about it. DS doesn't like it but DH did say it looked nice.

As a lover of earrings, I am quite excited at the prospect of all the earring options I will have now. I popped on some silver hoops that have never worked with my longer bob :)

I would love your honest but gentle thoughts.

ETA : Shot of the back :)

xxx Deborah


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My Style Evolution for 2013

Angie's post on evolving our personal style in 2013 got me thinking...

In relation to style goals, on Caro's post a week or so ago I posted that I wanted " to create a real consistency to my style that will remain constant even through my personal style evolution" And then Angie posted this phrase on the blog:

"Combining constancy with change is a prerequisite for my style at the start of each new year and fashion season"

I felt this very adequately expressed my own feelings as we head into 2013...so Angie, with your permission I may "borrow" this statement:)

I feel I am not quite as articulate as some of you lovely ladies in defining your style, but I have been giving this quite a bit of thought, and I am lazing at home in 40 something degree heat, so now seemed like a good time to put pen to paper (so to speak)

I feel I can comfortably identify my base style as Modern Classic. And I think the Modern Classic is at times tempered by arty, trendy and edgy elements. One challenge I have faced from time to time is wanting to be something (stylewise) that I am not. I have a belief that to a large extent our style is inherent. So for example, me trying to look RATE would probably not be particularly successful or genuine as it is not a true reflection of who I am. However, adding a subtle RATE element to my Modern Classic style might look more authentic, and allow me to still feel like 'me'.

YLF has helped me accept who I am style wise, embrace it and celebrate it. Thank You! In considering my style I am happy with it. I believe it reflects my personality and my lifestyle. I don't want to change it, but I do want to keep it fresh so base on these thoughts I have used Angie's blog post as a template for how I see my style evolving in 2013:

In 2013 I will strive to keep the following aspects of my style constant:

Combining the classics with a big dose of modern
Continued accents of Arty, Trendy and the unexpected
A colour palette of black, white, cream, blue, with colour accents
Lady Like
Layering & Texture
Minimal Jewelry, occasional statement pieces
Variation of high and low heeled shoes
Minimal makeup always with a strong lip colour
Manicured Nails - staple colour red


Menswear - actual menswear items for Autumn/Winter casual (worn with that Parisian Chic influence.. I hope) Think sweaters and button downs.

Ink Blue: I have already added some but would like more. It is proving a softer and more flattering alternative to black.

Structure: More structured pieces combined with soft elements.

Flat Pointy Toed Footwear: I love how lady like a pointed toe looks, and how it elongates the leg even with a flat or low heel.

Edge: I recognise I am not Avant Garde, but I would love to work on adding more of the unexpected to my Modern Classic outfits.

If you have read this far, you are very sweet. I am documenting this so I can track my progress. The YLF community has been so integral in my style journey and your thoughts, opinions and suggestions are so very valuable to me.

xxx Deborah