WIW : Its Spring.. hand me that dress :)

Hi Lovely Ladies,

Yes we are experiencing our second proper Spring day today!  Started the day with a spring in my step and went off with a friend to start styling outfits for an upcoming fashion (recycle) parade fund raiser that I am co-ordinating... only to have to wrap it up early as I think my beloved, and now recovered, Master 12, has shared his bug with me.  

So as I type, I am snug in my bed about to try and sleep it off.

Spring says dresses to me do today I wore:

Wishstone Draped Dress
Blue Illusion Knit Draped Vest
Leggings ???
Rivers Ankle Boots
Serra Leather Back Pack

This dress reminds me of the Eileen Fisher Lantern dress #2 {I am obsessed with everything EF at the moment despite not owning any:) }  and I enjoy wearing a slightly different silhouette for a change.  I need new cropped leggings as these ones are a bit too short.

And after seeing the fab Vince dress in action I took my Witchery dress (Find below) to the dressmaker to shorter the back.  The length variation is too much and I don't think it brings out the best in the dress so she will shorter then back to fall only aprox 2 inches lower than the front.

Your thoughts, suggestions etc all welcome and thank for taking a look.

xxx Deborah


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Item 2 - Five Piece French Wardrobe

Hi Ladies,

Just a quick update... My plan to follow the Five Piece French Wardrobe concept has loosened a little!  What can I say!!  So it may be more than 5 per season, but I am enjoying putting thought into what I need/want and staying focused on a more minimal wardrobe:)  My shopping has absolutely lessened.

White pants are something I have flirted with but am yet to get to where I want with them.  My mum gave me a slim leg pair she bought for herself but didn't wear.  I enjoyed them.  They were tailored and a nice slim leg but the quality was average and white not a solid white so I moved them on.  Since then I have struggled.  I bought a straight leg white denim jean and wore them a couple of times before I moved them on.  I then found a really nice pair of white skinny jeans towards the end of late last year but having lost weight, they now read as boyfriend jeans.  I have kept them but I want a nice slim leg.

So I am considering the ones in #1.  The crop version may be ideal given my height and they might just be ankle length on me, otherwise the short length in the same pant should be fine.  I have these pants in the short length in black and they are now, I think, onto their 2nd or 3rd Spring summer, so I know they work for me.  I will go an try these on during the week and see how the length is.

I am really hoping to get a pair of white jeans/pants into regular Spring rotation.  I love the look but in the past haven't mastered the styling.  I have seen a lot of inspiration shots on Pinterest that encourage me that I can make the white jeans look mine.

Will let you know how I go :)

xxx Deborah


WIW : Casual Saturday

Hi Lovely Ladies,

I seem to be quite sparse on the forum at the moment and I really miss being part of all the conversations.  My MIL has just come home from hospital, and Master 12 was off school last week with a bug.   I have been reading posts on my phone, on the go, but just not able to comment.  I know I don't  have to explain my absence but your are all important to me and I really hate not having time for the forum.

So, Master 12 is better, it's Saturday, and I am about to spend an hour catching up:)  Boy do I need a style fix:)  And some chocolate wouldn't go astray either lol

Today's outfit is for relaxing at home:)  All black with a hint of white (sneaks) and navy (tank) :)

Sweater : Big W
Tank : ??
Jeggings : Target
Sneaks : Target

Hope you all having a good weekend and thanks for the wonderful inspiration your all provide each and every day :)

xxx Deborah


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Keeping It Real : Spring Casual

Hi Ladies,

Not much to see here but thought I would share two casual outfits.  I am really in need of Spring to arrive properly!  We had a lovely weekend but then the cold has returned this morning:(

#1 Easy layers for errands and then the rest of the day working at home.
Oversized sweater - Supre (3 years old)
Leggings - Target
OTK boots - Target
Scarf - ???

#2 Saturday was sunny and I only had to do a hospital visit (MIL) and take Master 12 to a party.

Navy Top - Motto
Stiped Tee - Ping Pong
Long camisole ???
Ponte pants - Target
Slip on Sneaks - Target.

I am starting to enjoy my sneakers more so now than when I first boght them.  They may well become my weekend go to shoe.  We'll see :)

Thanks for looking

xxx Deborah


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Can we talk stylish backpacks?

Hi Ladies,

I know some of you have bought upscale backpacks and I wondered how they were working for you.

I have liked the idea of them for a while but tend to be a slow adopter.

For me, I could potentially see one working for casual, holidays, and when I do casual work in our Day Centre (I haven't mentioned but I do fill in work some weeks, it's quite different from my regular role) - on those days we are on outings and I need a bag but need to be hands free. I also think a nice one could be carried on a regular work day and offset a minimal work outfit.

How are you using yours?

Do you wear it as a back pack? i.e. on your back?

Do you ever sling it over one shoulder?

Do you carry it by it's handle (if it has one) handbag style?

How versatile is it?

This is the one I have bought but weighing up the pros and cons before I make a decision on keeping. For your info, it's a nice size, is leather and I like the silver hardware.

Really appreciate your thoughts. If you would like to post a pic of yours, I would love to see.



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Update: Tried the jacket! Five Piece French Wardrobe Possible 2nd Piece:)

Hi Ladies,

My wardrobe is in good shape, so much so that I am not browsing or shopping anywhere as much as I usually do.  I now pretty much just keep an eye on Metalicus and Motto on line and even forfeited my Metalicus rewards dollars this month because there was nothing that truly made my heart sing:)

One of the things I have become aware of, is that I am very happy to wear a column of colour (black, occasionally navy) everyday but enjoy having a variety of toppers, and while I generally prefer solids, jackets are where I don't mind a bit of colour and / or pattern - even 'statement'.

SO, with that in mind I thought I would show you a jacket I am thinking about.  This would be my second FPFW purchase.

#1/2/3 is the Motto Marble Femme Jacket, it's a stretch fine knit and is a little reminiscent of Chanel.  I think I will pop in store and try it on over the weekend.  I would love something that has a hint of Chanel styling, but has stretch and can be edged up a bit.  

For your info, #4 was my first FPFW purchase last month.

I will let you know how I feel after a try on:)

Thanks for taking a look.

xxx Deborah


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