Your advice pls:)

Hi Fabbers,

Having spent some time 'drooling' over the EF look book - thank you Gryffin - I am considering duplicating my black cropped loose knit top from Metalicus.  

They have two colours left.  White or Dusty Olive.  Now the dusty olive looks grey to me, so I will phone the store and check on that.

My initial thought was to buy the white as I am keen to the type of layering in #1.  I already have a soft cotton shirt dress in white. BUT I am a bit sensitive about about such an expense of white.   I would normally layer dark over light.  

Can I ask what you think?  That black one has proven to be an excellent addition to my wardrobe.  It's a lovely weight and quite transeasonal.

Thanks for taking the time to think about this for me.

xxx Deborah


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WIW : Rhapsody in Blue

That may be overstating it lol.  But I liked the title.

Church today and as I have mentioned before because we don't start til 10.30 am., I have some time to play and it's often Sundays that I come up with new combinations.  I also put together an outfit for work on Tuesday comprising a new white shirt dress so I am looking forward to snapping that one.

I am wearing a cobalt blue draped dress (I last wore this in the summer to an engagement dinner).  Dress is layered over my mixed media Zara Leggings  with my trusty ankle boots.  I like the leggings boot combo here because it almost looks as though I am wearing very fitted leather OTK boots.  I then layered a Metalicus Cropped Sweater over the dress.  Accessories, silver rings, earrings and collar.

I was comfortable, almost warm enough (-3 this morning) and I think this is a combo I will repeat.  I have never been 100% happy wearing the dress as is.  It's almost too much colour for me lol.  

Thanks for looking.  Does this layering work to your eye?

xxx Deborah


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Mums how do you feel when....

You can fit I to your Son's clothes!!

Master 12 is almost my height now and for a joke -he was not amused- I tried on his new hoodie....and it fitted lol.

I am now teasing him that I know whose wardrobe I will be raiding if I need a hoodie.

The look on his face was priceless. It seems at 12, boys loose their sense of humour:). On the upside he is rather pleased that he is almost "bigger" than me.



WIW : Soft Pink & Grey!

Happy Saturday!

These items are not new but until now have been a bit unloved.
The pink draped top I bought out of season last summer (I showed it to you and said yes buy it) and the draped grey vest was purchased at the start of winter and was an emotional/impulse purchase.

The vest was only available in the dark grey, was so soft and warm and the style was SO me that I bought without thinking lol. But I ignored that face that I don't find this dark grey flattering on me and wearing it white or black (around the face) doesn't seem to help.  The pink however seems to make the difference (I hope) and I really enjoyed this combination.

As you can see the vest can be worn as is, or wrapped around over the shoulder.

I am wearing it over Target Ponte leggings and these are Target OTK boots.

Along with Deep Red and Cobalt Blue, Soft Pink is a colour I am really enjoying having a little off in my wardrobe.

What say you?  Pink ok?

xxx Deborah


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This would have to be my uniform Fast Fall Back Outfit!  This is the kind of outfit I would want to be wearing if my luggage was lost while travelling or I ended up on a desert island with no possessions (ok I know I might be a bit hot on the desert island):)

Worn today to take Master 12 to the doctor, and return the patterned jacket.  PS.. The Doctor is a very cool young Asian/Australian woman and she was wearing black 20 eyelet Docs.  I hardly heard anything she said as I was lusting after her boots.

Long Tail Cardigan - Mix
White Tank - Metalicus
Leggings - Target
Ankle Boots - Hush Puppies

Easy peasy right?  Added a big chunky soft grey scarf for outdoors.

This cardigan is awesome (to me anyway lol). I bought in the XS to minimise the fullness but to also get the fit of drape on the body but nice close fitting sleeves.  I also like the way it fits on the upper back and then drapes from higher on the back rather than from the waist as some of these styles do.  I can't really wear anything long sleeved under it but that's ok.  My new leatherette moto jacket actually looks quite cool over it:)

Thanks for looking.

xxx Deborah


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Dare I? Another WIB!!

Hi Ladies,

When I returned the patterned jacket to Myer, I did come home with something else.  Just FYI I am still 'enjoying' some gift vouchers I received for birthday in June:)  

This purchase is a little better thought out, probably very typical for me and motivated by practicality.

I have 4 winter weight but still streamlined (no chunky) sweaters (only 2 are office appropriate) and three lighter weight ones for Spring. I have been wanting to add another work appropriate one to my winter capsule but wasn't going to buy anything that wasn't perfect. My desire to increase my sweater capsule is based on that two things;  1.  I am currently working in a very cold office (old building) and a smart, sleek sweater worn over skirts or pants is ideal for the really cold days, and 2. I am now only working 2 days so dressing down those sweaters (again very cold days) for the other 5 days of the week, (where I wear many hats) seems to make good sense.

So here it is:)  Sorry not modeled by me, but the fit is very much the same as these catalogue pics.  It's a lovey navy, soft, refined knit, in a length that will work equally well over skirts or pants.

What do you think?  Can I keep this purchase??

xxx Deborah


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WIB: Patterned Monochrome Jacket

Hi Ladies,

Further to my post on the Five Piece French Wardrobe, I was considering further how this concept might work for me.

My wardrobe is in good shape and I am very comfortable with my all black looks.  I recognise that I can happily wear a black bottom and a black top every day but when I perused my jackets, I realise I am partial to a "statement-y" jacket/ topper and if I am going to choose a patterned garment, it usually a jacket.   So I started to think that my 5 items per season could be good quality "Wardrobe Stars".  Items that 'elevate' my all black and mix things up a bit.

 I am feeling a little adventurous (hence the striped dress - it's a bust btw and is going to a new home) so I ventured out and bought a jacket that I have had my eye on for a short while.   I had tried it on before in a size too big and couldn't find my size but today they had my size:).  I can return it.

It is from Esprit and is their Monochrome Cotton Coat from this season.  I have a real love for this type of pattern but it's hard to get the right mix of jacket style and pattern to work for me being a petite.

Fit is good, length is good, sleeves need adjusting as they are too long.

I have just put it on over what I was wearing today (excuse the ratty jersey cami, I was wearing it under my tunic).  I promise I would wear a more suitable top:)  So there is no styling to speak of here.

The jacket works over pants, and I think it would work over the right shape and length dress too.  IRL is is a lovely fabrication and quite dressy.  I have a few styling ideas already and can see it over cropped skinny black pants and a soft sligthly draped white top.  It's quite a transeasonal weight and in the cooler months it could be left on in the office for warmth, and in the warmer months you might wear with less under layers and remove it or keep it on depending on the a/c.

I have added in the Finds area below my non solid black jackets just to give you an idea of what I have.  I think the Scarf Print Jacket and the Coloured Geometric Jacket would qualify as statement pieces, the others are more subdued.

Ok, so I am not invested but I *think* I really like it.  

Over to you.  

Thanks for looking
xxx Deborah


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WIW : Grey Marle

Hi Ladies,

Greetings from freezing Bendigo!!

Dressing for warmth today and I was reasonably warm in the office but to be honest one of those fluffy onesy's that the young ones wear would have been perfect lol.


Metalicus Drape Jacket
Witchery Long Sleeve Top
Millers Ponte Pants
Serra Ankle Boots
Oroton Bag

This top is current season and was gifted to me by one of the my close girlfriends.  One of her school mum friends purchased it online and it didn't work for her so she passed it to my friend (not her style) who passed it to me.  Today is the first time I have worn it.  

Ok off to get into my snuggie :)

Thanks for taking a look.

xxx Deborah


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5 Piece French Wardrobe??

I know we have had many conversations on the Forum about the
concept of the minimal wardrobe and how some of us have been working towards a smaller, carefully curated wardrobe.

 My wardrobe numbers are much smaller than when I first arrived at YLF, yet despite the smaller wardrobe I still find myself having a bit of internal conflict over just how much I have and the merry-go-round of continually seeking out new things. I love fashion and do spend a considerable amount of time pouring over magazines and online. It’s fun but it does eat into my time . 

On one hand I love having variety but on the other I want the simplicity of less. I have consciously made the move to buy less but buy better, but can see the opportunity to take this further. So in the light of this, I have been wondering about the Five Piece French Wardrobe concept.   I wonder if I could be happy adding only 10 new items per year?

As I understand it, the idea is to buy just 5 new items each season. The info I read suggested that since there are two seasons in fashion you would work to those i.e. Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter.

Basics, underwear and accessories (up to a certain $ amount) don’t count. But you can set your own ground rules.

I do think that this could work for me on a number of levels, given I am naturally a planner when it comes to my wardrobe, and I  have a limited budget for clothing.

So this leads me to my question. Do any of you do this, or a variation of
this. How does it work for you and has it been a positive step. For those who don’t work this way, what does
work for you??

xxx Deborah



WIW : Styling Stripes

Hi Ladies,

Having a  play with stripes!  Having eliminated most patterns, including stripes, from my wardrobe I am now considering if I want to reintroduce some black and white stripes (full disclosure, I did keep a wide striped tube skirt and a striped ponti jacket).

I am enjoying my blue and white striped drape top (second find) that I started think about a black and white striped dress.  Metalicus has a lovely striped tank dress at the moment (third find) but I decided to try a less expensive option for now ($12.00 @ Kmart - tshirt dress).

I am on the fence.  I like the idea but not sure how it really translates.  I am unlikely to wear a striped dress on its own, so I layered a Split Side Knit Tunic over the dress, black tights, and long boots.

I could also try a draped black jacket over the dress and maybe  a long draped black sleeveless vest.  Would love to know what you think?  Worth playing with?


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