K/R : New Handbag

Hi Ladies,

Nothing like retail therapy to cheer oneself up... right :)

One of the elements of my wardrobe that I have been slowly addressing over the past 12 months is my handbags:)  I haven't posted much on it, but I have purged and now have a collection of nice quality handbags.  I probably still have more than I really want to have, but I am working on that.

A wardrobe hole I felt I recognised was for a more structured leather bag, primarily for work.  I have been carrying the lovely slouchy black tote my sister gave me for my birthday quite a lot, but I feel taking it to work all the time is going to dull my passion for it.  Also I like a nice structured bag for meetings and when I travel for work, as my outfits tend to be more "suit" based for these occasions. (It's also so much easier to find things in a more structured bag)   Ok, so therein lies my logic for the purchase.:)

Making myself accountable to you, I must disclose that I have a similar bag, but smaller in a patent leather.  It' doesn't get used a lot but I do love it.  It's a little more of a ladies that lunch type bag, if you know what I mean. I use it on occasions where I need to present in a little more of a classic style.

I think this new bag will work with my style, adding structure to the strong unstructured elements of my general style.

So there is my justification!! But what do you think?

#1 - #3   New bag

#4 - #6   New bag with older bag for comparison.

Appreciate your opinions.
xxx Deboah


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WIW : Back to Work!

Hi Ladies,

Well, day 2 back at the office and I think I will post about that Off Topic!:)

A warm day today and after two sleep challenged nights I just wanted comfort and ease.

This is an easy breezy layered ensemble:)

The dress is a soft crinkled tank style dress, fitted but not body con.  Over that I layered a soft draped tank from Metalicus and then over that a sleeveless drape vest.  The vest and dress are from my favorite little boutique here that have a lot of these sorts of items that drape and wrap and work well with my wardrobe (not as good as my beloved Metalicus tho lol).  Note all layers are quite light.

The outfit felt great but I, unfortunately, have felt rubbish all day.  Glad to be home and hanging out with my style buddies:)

Don't hesitate to share thoughts on how to improve, add to, or do it differently.

Thanks for looking.

xxx Deborah


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