WIW : So Yesterday!

Well actually...so last week! I wore a version of this last post with a fuller dress and tall boots;)

I am loving the cocoon cardigan so much that pretty soon DH will be will have to hide it while I'm sleeping so I wear something else for a change lol.

Simple outfit! Cocoon cardi layered over drape dress, leggings and booties.
This combo feels so good, I could wear it very day.

I am making a promise tho that I will give the cardi a few days off;)

I have over exposed the photos a bit so hopefully the black detail is easier to see. Excuse the bags under my eyes,but my lovely Master 11 passed his head cold to me. Been feeling a little less than fab this week lol.

Thanks for looking. And suggestions, critques etc very appreciated.



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WIW : Refresher

HI Ladies! Happy Weekend.

Following yesterday's post about refresher purchases as the season starts to drag out, I wore the new cocoon cardigan today! And it was lovely to reach for something new and did make me feel more motivated and excited about getting dresses.

It's comfortable, warm and I think it's going to be quite a workhorse as I can see it working well over quite a lot of my clothing...squee.

I have worn it over my Monki dress, tights and tall boots. I quite like that this creates a slightly different silhouette for me. Nice for a change.

Apologies for headless shots, but as you can see Im looking a tad tired. Master 11 has developed a flu and had a lot of trouble sleeping last night... so, so did I:)

Thanks for looking and feedback, suggestions for improvement, etc, always appreciated.

xxx Deborah

#4 Bonus short of yesterdays cut and colour. For those interested, I have found putting bleach on my scalp just too much for my skin to cope with, so we are back to foils. I also decided the more cropped style of cut wasn't for me and we clippered the back!! It's an interesting process going short and working out exactly which style of cut feels most like me.


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Do we / can we... wear Birks with sock

I spotted this look on Pinterest and rather liked it! Are socks a no no with Birks? Educate me:)


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Are you fatigued by the season?

Hi Fabbers,

As much as I love winter, we have a period which I suppose is the coldest where I feel like I am only able to wear a small portion of my winter clothing, ie. the warmest garments, and as a result boredom/fatigue tends to set in. I have been rotating warm bottoms like ponte leggings, jersey leggings, and jeans and a limited number of tops and jackets and scarves, and I am so over it:)

So today I gave myself permission to have a browse and see if I could add a couple of fresh pieces to my wardrobe to get me through to Spring.

Came home with the black cocoon cardigan #1 (I can layer under, and pop a coat on over if needed) which is something I did want to add to my wardrobe, so not entirely a spontaneous decision. This has now gone into my wardrobe and two older cardigans are out. 1 in 2 out...woohoo.

And I am thinking about trying these jeans (#2) tomorrow. A slight variation to my other black pair with their PU panel and slimmer leg.

Both are sale items and won't hurt the budget and will carry on into Spring easily.

What do you think?

And do you experience this toward the end of the season? Any season in particular? I recall I get this way about our never ending summers too.
What do you do to manage it?

xxx Deborah


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WIW : To Decide Keep/Toss

Happy Tuesday!

I wore this shirt today because it is an "undecided' item in my wardrobe. Haven't worn it this year at all, yet I love the pattern. I kind of like the idea of wearing a lady like blouse with a pussy bow, with jeans but I just don't know about this. I think in general it looked 'fine' but is it me?

As you know I don't really wear pattern and I am wondering if cutting this up into a scarf might be a better idea, or I could try layering it under a grey oversized draped top with a high low hem, with a skinny leg.

Worth trying, or should I it just go?

Thanks for taking a look
xxx Deborah

#3 Bonus Pic with young Master 11 actually doing his homework without being reminded:)


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"Birk" Like @ Target

Well you know when something is trending big time when it's sold out before the season has arrived :)

I am considering the Birkenstock Arizona in smooth black leather and I wouldn't mind the white also:)  I am sure I will be able to get them but my usual on line shoe sites are sold out in my size. 

So while browsing I saw that Target has a version also.  They don't look quite as nice, are not leather and the sole doesn't look that supportive but I will drop by to take a look just out of interest.  At there price I could treat myself to both the black and white and not break the budget... but I think I want leather!

Those of you who have bought the Arizona Birks or versions by other retailers, how are you liking them?  They are $139.00 AUD, not sure how that compares with overseas pricing... are they worth it?

xxx Deborah

ps.. found my size:) 


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WIW : A Long Dress

I don't wear dresses much during the heart of winter but today I just felt like a a change from warm pants and layers. Probably not my best idea...I wasn't quite warm enough:(

I am hoping this falls into the JFE camp. I know the dress is not the most flattering but still I really love it. It's from Laura Ashley and I love the way it just falls, it's a beautiful weight crepe type fabric and is almost a maxi dress, which is different for me. And it has a fabulous drape detail at the back.

Worn with tall boots and new faux leather jacket.


Thanks for looking.
xxx Deborah


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WIW : The Chunky Scarf

Well I don't often get the chance to link to a blog post:). But I recalled Angie had discussed the the big scarf sometime ago.

Friday is my day off and I had a meeting with the GM and another Board Member of the community radio station I serve on. It's a very cold day here and a coat would have been a good idea but as I was mostly indoors and traveling by car I decided the BIG scarf would suffice ;).

Quite a typical outfit for me on a day like to day. Oversized sweater with zip back layered over a long sleeve tee, jersey pull on skirt, ribbed cotton tights with a cool detail down the side (which you can't see) and black boots AND the chunky scarf.

The sweater is seriously oversized! The sales assistant wanted me to buy a smaller one but she wasn't getting how I wanted to wear it. I didn't like the fit on the catalogue model. It is longer at the back and from the back you can barely see the skirt. It seems to work well with a skirt but not so well with pants..hmmm.

I bought the scarf recently because I had decided I needed seriously chunky and I wanted grey.

Is it too much?? It did keep me warm and when it started raining I was able to pull a section up over my head to keep my hair from the rain:)

And in #1 I introduce you to my DH AKA the photo bomber! He never tires of doing this.

Thanks for looking...it's almost the weekend.



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